How to enter

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The competition is open to all professional and amateur, national and international photographers of all ages. All photographs entered must have been completed since 1 January 2016.  All entrants must ensure that the quality of their entries meets the competition’s criteria as stated in the Rules and Guidelines. Entry is by online submission through this website, and deadline for entry is by 17.00 (GMT) on 8th September 2017. All entrants are asked to ensure they have read all Rules and Guidelines before entering.

You are permitted to enter up to 10 photographs. You must complete the entry form for each image submitted.

During the submission process you will be asked to complete description boxes.

In these description boxes include:

  • A short statement about yourself
  • A short statement about your submitted image(s)


The competition’s overall theme is social and natural issues of the environment.  However, the below categories will guide you on some of the issues we are particularly looking for.

  1. The Built Environment

This could include but not exclusively images representing:

  • People and our cities
  • Environmental solutions from design, materials and structures
  • Design and well being for society, communities and the public
  • Moving the world forward’ category e.g. Transportation: Bridges / roads / rail, Energy
  • Smart and resilient cities
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  1. The Changing Climate

This could include but not exclusively images representing:

  • Extreme events and environmental destruction – flooding, drought, deforestation and other weather extremes
  • Adapting to the effects of a changing climate
  • Resilience and Innovative solutions
  • Natural resources – security and conservation
  • Human resilience and facing adversity
  1. People, Nature and Economy

This could include but not exclusively images exploring:

  • Human connection to the natural world
  • Sustainable environmental and economic development
  • Natural and social value of the environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Health and well-being connected to the environment

Selection Process

At the first stage, entrants are asked to submit up to 10 still photographs and a fully completed entry form. All entries must be in line with the Digital Specifications as detailed in the Rules and Guidelines. The judges are looking in particular for pictures that show the dynamic link between environmental and social issues in a way that makes us think differently about the world around us. Individual entries will be judged anonymously, and the judges will concentrate on looking for the following five qualities in submitted entries:

  • Impact– does it illustrate immediate, subtle or resonant messages?
  • Creativity– is it unusual, thoughtful, beautiful, subversive or ironic?
  • Originality– is the subject treated differently and is the subject matter new?
  • Composition– consider the perspective, balance, clarity of meaning and focus of statement
  • Relevance – consider current environmental issues
  • Technicalquality – consider clarity, focus, lighting, exposure and colour

All winners will be informed by 17th October 2017, by email. Winners will then be required to supply original digital camera RAW files or original JPEGs for their shortlisted images. See Digital Specifications section of Rules and Guidelines for further information. These images will be checked for proof of authenticity.