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The Institution is governed by a Trustee Board of up to 15 Trustees (including a Presidential team of three Trustees) who may serve up to three terms of office of three years per term. The Chair of the Board is elected by the Board, as is the President whose term of office is one year. The Board also elects an Honorary Treasurer who is responsible for the financial affairs of the Institution, working with the Executive Director to ensure that CIWEM’s finances are managed sustainably.

The Trustee Board sets policy and is responsible for delivering the Institution’s Corporate Plan and strategic priorites through the Executive Director and his team. The Board is also responsible for the good governance of CIWEM and for making sure that adequate resources are in place to meet present and future needs.

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Trustees are appointed by the Trustee Board, on the recommendation of an independent Trustee Appointments Commission (TAC), in accordance with the Institution’s Charter and Bye-laws. Appointments are endorsed by members of the Institution at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Vacancies on the Trustee Board are advertised to members who may apply provided they are able to meet the statutory requirements for Trusteeship as laid down by the Charity Commission.

Trustee appointments are made on the basis of the most appropriate skills, experience and other attributes determined at the time that vacancies are advertised. The objective is to have a Trustee Board with a good balance of attributes working in the best interests of the Institution, its members and other stakeholders.

The Chair of the Trustee Board is responsible for leading on delivery and governance with, and through, the Executive Director. The President is the public face of CIWEM and is responsible for the many ceremonial, ambassadorial and public-facing activities of the Institution.

Some Trustees are given ‘Lead Member’ responsibility for particular aspects of the Corporate Plan and work alongside executive staff on delivery of priorities. There are Lead Members for: Technical & Policy; International Affairs; Membership, Branches & Groups; Business & Science; Engineering; Commercial Affairs. In addition Trustees Chair various Committees such as: Remuneration, Audit, Trustee Appointments, the Joint Professional Board and the Board of the Institution’s wholly owned subsidiary trading company, CIWEM Services Ltd CSL).