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CIWEM Polls Results - Full List

The following polls have been conducted on this website and reflect the opinion of visitors to the site.

  • Are children being sufficiently educated to deal with future environmental challenges?
    Yes: 24%

    No: 76%

  • Will the sale of school playing fields, and withdrawal of local council funding for public parks, undermine the government's promise to deliver an Olympics legacy?
    Yes: 83%

    No: 17%

  • Should the UK water industry be required to decarbonise in line with the targets under the Climate Change Act?
    Yes: 79%

    No: 21%

  • Walking and cycling are good for the economy, the environment and for health and well-being. Should the government invest more to encourage ‘active transport’ and in its infrastructure?
    Yes: 95%

    No: 5%

  • Is resilience a more tangible and widely understood term than 'sustainable development'?
    Yes: 63%

    No: 37%

  • Was EDF’s threat to sue activists an attack on democracy and the hard won right to show dissent in the interests of action on climate change?
    Yes: 72%

    No: 28%

  • Is EIA biased towards a presumption of growth and development?
    Yes: 74%

    No: 26%

  • In view of recent flooding, and the prospect of more frequent and extreme weather events, is it time to review the viability and resilience of some communities and implement a programme of managed retreat?
    Yes: 74%

    No: 26%

  • Should urgent action be taken to reconnect the young with nature by putting 'the environment' at the heart of children's play, learning and education?
    Yes: 93%

    No: 7%

  • Should customers be asked to pay a premium on their bill for water companies to adopt their supply pipe?
    Yes: 60%

    No: 40%

  • Is fracking an acceptable means to achieve medium term energy security in the UK?
    Yes: 39%

    No: 61%

  • Are the prospects for improved environmental protection arising from monetary valuation of ecosystem services positive or negative?
    positive: 65%

    negative: 35%

  • Has the government made acceptable progress towards building a low carbon economy?
    Yes: 9%

    No: 91%

  • Does the Water White Paper go far enough on metering?
    Yes: 29%

    No: 71%

  • Will the environment be compromised by the government’s National Planning Policy Framework proposals?
    Yes: 86%

    No: 14%

  • Do you believe sustainable development will be effectively mainstreamed in Government via the Cabinet Office and Departmental Business Plans?
    Yes: 18%

    No: 82%

    Don't know: 14%

  • Do you agree with Sir Michael Pitt that flood risk should be given the same level of importance as a flu pandemic or terrorism?
    Yes: 78%

    No: 23%

  • Should Green Investment Bank money be used to subsidise new generation nuclear energy given that investment in renewables would provide more jobs and a safer, cleaner, more sustainable source of energy?
    Yes: 38%

    No: 62%

  • Is the coalition good news for the environment sector?
    Yes: 31%

    No: 69%

  • Is 'sustainable aviation' viable?
    Yes: 45%

    No: 55%

  • Do you support nuclear energy?
    Yes: 53%

    No: 47%

  • Should all households be metered for water?
    Yes: 85%

    No: 15%

  • Technology allowing, should there be a national grid for water supplies?
    Yes: 59%

    No: 41%

  • Is direct action such as 'Climate Camp' helpful in informing the public on climate change?
    Yes: 57%

    No: 43%

  • Should the government subsidise a scheme for the retrofitting of houses with water saving devices?
    Yes: 89%

    No: 11%

  • Is the disposal of sewage sludge to land a sustainable practice?
    Yes: 67%

    No: 33%

  • Are scare tactics more effective than ‘feel good’ messages in motivating the public to take action to mitigate climate change?
    Yes: 66%

    No: 34%

  • Is excess packaging a consumer's responsibility?
    Yes: 32%

    No: 68%

  • Does carbon offsetting appear to legitimise pollution?
    Yes: 70%

    No: 30%

  • Is the UK Water Industry good value for money?
    Yes: 56%

    No: 44%

  • Should there be a population policy as part of a strategy for action on climate change?
    Yes: 78%

    No: 22%

  • Should the use of all pesticides be banned from all areas used by the general public?
    Yes: 61%

    No: 39%

  • Should one designated body have responsibility for managing all forms of flooding?
    Yes: 76%

    No: 24%

  • Do you support the proposed Severn Barrage?
    Yes: 67%

    No: 33%

  • Should fluoride be added to drinking water supplies?
    Yes: 45%

    No: 55%

  • Is the expansion of Heathrow airport compatible with living within our environmental limits?
    Yes: 33%

    No: 67%

  • Are eco-towns a valuable contribution to sustainable housing?
    Yes: 55%

    No: 45%

  • Will the credit crunch help or hamper the shift to greener lifestyles?
    Help: 41%

    Hamper: 59%

  • Is the public sufficiently aware of appropriate behavioural responses to flood warnings?
    Yes: 9%

    No: 91%

  • Do you think the U.K can meet its carbon reduction commitments set out in the Climate Change Act?
    Yes: 20%

    No: 80%

  • Should the automatic right to discharge surface water to sewers be repealed in the draft Floods & Water Bill?
    Yes: 75%

    No: 25%

  • Can capitalism deliver an environmentally sustainable global economy?
    Yes: 39%

    No: 61%

  • Should developing countries be compensated by the international community for preserving their forests?
    Yes: 92%

    No: 8%

  • Is 'resilience' a more tangible and widely understood term than 'sustainable development'?
    Yes: 73%

    No: 27%

  • Do you like the site?
    Yes: 67%

    No: 33%

  • Test Poll
    Yes: 50%

    No: 50%





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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110   Fax: 020 7405 4967