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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

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Water and Environment Journal



CIWEM's Water and Environment Journal is the leading publication in its field, dealing with worldwide aspects of the water cycle and environmental matter including the management of solid and hazardous wastes, control of air pollution, and environmental conservation. Potential papers are peer reviewed by the Institution's Editorial Board and external reviewers. The journal is published four times a year, in March, June, September and December.

How to submit a paper

All papers to be considered for publication in Water and Environment Journal should be submitted online. To submit a paper please click here. There is a help function on the website to guide you through the process.

Papers submitted to the Journal must follow the format set out in the Guidance Notes for Authors.  To access the Guidance Notes please click  here.

CIWEM members and other Journal subscribers will be interested to hear about the work you are doing. Operational, scientific, technical and research papers are welcomed, and short papers (1500 to 2500 words), as well as full-length papers (up to 4000 words), are encouraged.

A new feature from 2008 is the introduction of discussion articles into the Journal.  We would welcome short responses to and comments on published papers.  Authors will be given the opportunity to reply to these.

Call for reviewers

Water and Environment Journal is seeking to increase its reviewer database. Reviewers peer-review technical papers to determine their suitability for publication and advise on any amendments or revisions necessary such that papers are credible and accurate; enhance knowledge and understanding of water and environment issues; promote sustainable developement and solutions and are a credit to the standing and reputation of CIWEM and the profession.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in the work of the institution and to be the first to read exciting new research. We welcome applications from anyone with suitable expertise in a subject within the scope of water and environmental management. If you are interested in being a reviewer please contact Victoria West  for further information or to submit a CV.

How to access the Journal Online

Members are able to receive the journal in hard copy as part of their CIWEM membership. We are not currently able to supply free access to the journal online. Members and Non-members can receive online access to the journal via the Wiley Online Library website. For further information please contact:


Tel: +44 (0)1865 778315

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Subscription Information

Water and Environment Journal 
ISSN: 1747-6585 (previously 0951 7359) 
Frequency: four issues per annum


Information on advertising in Water and Environment Journal is available from the document panel.

Editorial Information

Editor-in-chief: Prof. John Bridgeman

Associate Editors: E. Carstea; P. Jarvis; and R. Walls. 

Editorial Board: K. Akande; R. Al Khaddar; R. Clark; D.J. Cook; P. Dumble; R. Gregory;  A. Heather; N. Horan; P. Jenkin; G. Li; J. Margetts; P.J. Newman; K. Oduyemi; D. Reynolds; C. Ruxton; and P.B. Smith.
If you have a query please contact Scott Edwards at CIWEM: Tel: (+44) 0207 831 3110; Email:


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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110   Fax: 020 7405 4967