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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
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  • Committee Members

    • Chrissy Mitchell - Chair

      Is a principal research Scientist within the Environment Agency, working nationally within the Joint (DEFRA/EA/WG/NRW) Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Research and Development Programme. She was previously Business Development and Performance Manager of the Flood Forecasting Centre, working closely with the Met Office to establish the set up of the new national centre. With a degree in Geology, a masters in Environmental Science and a PhD in Geography Chrissy joined the Environment Agency in 2003, initially supporting regulation and strategic planning and later the DEFRA/EA FCERM R&D programme as the sustainable asset management theme manager. She became the national lead climate change policy advisor for flood risk management and was nominated chair of young FLOODsite for four years running, an international network of 100+ young people working under a very large European Flood research programme. In 2011 she was invited to become part of the editorial board of CIWEMs International Journal of Flood Risk Management. A Fellow of CIWEM, a chartered scientist, chartered environmentalist, chartered water and environmental manager; as well as chartered geographer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society she enthusiastically supports and mentors those wishing to develop their career through these institutions.

      Tel: 07733 308743

    • Marc Pinnell - Immediate Past Chair

      JBA Consulting

      Marc is Managing Director of JBA Consulting and has over 20 years' professional experience of flood hydrology, hydraulics and flood mapping.  His current and previous technical work includes: coordination, management, delivery and review of Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs), and Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRAs and SFCAs); preparation of flood risk mitigation, management and design strategies; provision of flood risk advice to clients and design teams; selection, design and management installation of hydrometric measurement gauges; direction of hydraulic and hydrological analyses and input into flood risk management, hydrological, water level and management studies. 

      Tel: 01444 473652

    • Katherine Pygott - Vice Chair

      Katherine Pygott is Director of Water Management at Peter Brett Associates LLP. With a career in the water industry spanning more than 30 years, she specialises in flood risk and catchment management. She has delivered and contributed to an extensive portfolio of projects in flood risk management including Surface Water Management Plans, Flood Risk Management Investment Plans and many Flood Alleviation Schemes and Drainage Studies. She has a particular interest in partnership working and funding for flood risk management, leading the CIRIA Best Practice Guidance on Communication and Engagement for Local Flood Risk, supporting Defra and the Environment Agency in their Local Flood Risk Management Capacity Building Strategy workshops, as well as developing the Local Government Association's Flood Portal. Another key area of work is the development of sustainable drainage solutions, working closely with water companies and local authorities. Katherine is an Independent Member of the statutory Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (YRFCC), appointed by the Environment Agency, with particular emphasis on partnership working with Local Authorities. She sits on the YRFCC's Programme and Investment sub-group. As well as her role in the CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group, she is also a member of CIWEM's national Urban Drainage Group Committee.

    • Jed Ramsay - Junior Vice Chair

      Conservators of the River Cam

      Jed is a chartered member of CIWEM and the treasurer for the Rivers & Coastal Group.  Jed has over 13 years' experience in the flood risk management and navigation sectors.  This has included design and engineering project management on the River Thames for all types of fluvial projects such as river restoration, locks, weirs, bank works and maintenance activity.  Jed currently works in navigation and is River Manager for the River Cam where he manages a small navigation organisation.

    • Toby Willis - Honorary Treasurer

      Environment Agency

      Tel: 01684 864574

    • Pippa van Kuijk - Honorary Secretary

      Pippa is an enthusiastic flood and coastal strategic risk management professional who is keen to promote best practice, implement positive change and creative thinking across our industry. I enjoy delivering outcomes for people, and helping others to achieve their desired results sustainably.Pippa's specialism is in strategic flood and coastal risk management, policy and stakeholder engagement.  Pippa's work has focused on providing advice for strategic flood risk assessments, locally and at a national scale, asset management and climate change.


      Pippa is based in Edinburgh where she provides strategic advice and manages complex flood and coastal risk management projects. Further to her role on the Rivers and Coastal Group COmmittee, Pippa is an active member of the CIWEM Scottish branch, promoting the sharing of knowledge of flood and coastal erosion risk management across the UK.

    • Rosalind Turner - Committee Member

      Mott MacDonald

      Tel: 020 8774 2908

    • Kathryn Kimball - Committee Member


      Kathryn is a Senior Project Manager in Arup's Water team in Leeds specialising in managing infrastructure projects in the UK and Ireland. Kathryn's technical background is in Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management including strategies, Project Appraisal Reports (the business case for flood and coastal defences), climate change assessments, vulnerability assessments, coastal geology and geomorphology, economic analysis, flood risk assessment and catchment management.  As well as being a Member of CIWEM (CWEM) , Kathryn is a Chartered Environmentalist,  a Chartered Geographer (Geomorph),  a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an MSP Practitioner.

    • Jonathan Simm - Committee Member

      HR Wallingford

      With 35 years' experience in coastal and river engineering, Jonathan has a passion for developing and disseminating ideas that are directly usable by practitioners (e.g. through handbooks and visual media). including integrating social science aspects into flood risk management (FRM).  He has experience in organizing professional meetings, (e.g. annual armourstone users meeting) and developing policy briefs and would support CIWEM-RCG here. Jonathan is committed to any committee work he takes on, (e.g. chairing the CIRIA Water Advisory Panel) and is supportive of the professional development of young professionals (mentor role). Jonathan provides a link for CIWEM-RCG into an emerging international FRM community of practice, using professional contacts within Europe and USA.

    • Adam Cambridge - Committee Member

      Atkins Global

      Adam is a senior consultant at Atkins who specialises in integrated urban water management. His experience is founded on flood modelling that has progressively expanded in a drive to place water and green infrastructure at the heart of towns and cities. Adam is a visiting lecturer at Birmingham University, is a reviewer of CIWEM's academic journals, and is an expert panel member of the Liveable Cities R&D programme.


    • Tim Palmer - Committee Member

      Black & Veatch


      Tel: 01244 304100

    • Joanne Barlow - Committee Member

      I am a Principal Geomorphologist currently working at Black & Veatch, with 12 years' experience working in engineering and environmental consultancy and for the EA.  Most of my work is focused on fluvial flood risk and river restoration, and the development of the Water Framework Directive has been a key area during my career.  Outside work I enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible, and have been known to brave the odd river swim in the Dee in Chester as well as hiking and biking, and playing netball and tennis. 


      As a new member of the committee I will support across a range of tasks including; Communications sub-group (looking at promotions and ongoing engagement with members - improving the website and social media communications); Winter Meeting 2016 planning, and lead contact with North West & North Wales Branch.

    • Alistair Nisbet - Committee Member


      Tel: 0113 301 2435

    • Kevin Tilford - Committee Member

      Kevin is a Director of Weetwood Services, an independent consultancy firm specialising in the provision of flood and water management services to both private development and public sector clients, including planning appeal work. Kevin heads up the firms' Leeds and London Offices. He has over 25 years' professional experience of flood risk management and planning policy. His current and previous work includes undertaking and directing flood risk assessments, Water Framework Directive assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments, utility assessments, flood risk mitigation and drainage strategies and modelling studies. He also provides Expert Witness and expert consultant advice on flood risk and drainage matters to law firms and insurers. Kevin is a Member of CIWEM (CWEM) and a Chartered Environmentalist and has previously served on the main committees of the Royal Meteorological Society and the British Hydrological Society.

    • Fay Bull - Committee Member

      Fay is a Principal Consultant in Flood and Water Management at AECOM. She manages a portfolio of varied projects for Lead Local Flood Authorities, the Environment Agency and private sector companies.


      Fay has 10 years' experience in flood and water management. She has previously worked in Local Government and in the Water Industry. She specialises in urban flood risk management, flood modelling, planning and development, policy making, partnership working, public funding and business planning. Fay is an Environment Agency appointed Member of the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and she is a member of the CIWEM East Midlands Branch Committee.

    • Konstantin Vasilyev - Committee Member

      Konstantin Vasilyev is Flood Modeller Customer Support Manager in CH2M. He has more than 8 years experience of hydraulic modelling with Flood Modeller, ISIS and Tuflow. His technical work has included pipe network modelling, surge analysis, flood forecasting, project management, set up of specialist modelling software training courses and conferences in Europe. In the Rivers and Coastal group Konstantin hopes to set up a joint collaboration between the group and academic institutions in the UK and beyond.

    • Bryan Curtis - Co-opt Member

      Bryan is a Chartered Engineer and member of both CIWEM and the ICE. Often dubbed as the "voice of the coast". He is a long standing Coastal Group Chairman and also Chairman of the Coastal Group Chairmen's Network.

      Following over 40 years in mainly flood, coastal and sewerage work he has recently taken early retirement and is enjoying help meet the FCERM challenges as an independent Consultant.

      As staunch advocate of partnership working Bryan led one of the first partnership trials of two Councils which has ultimately led to the formal joining of two Council Officer structures.

      Through his role as Chairman of the Coastal Group Chairmen's network he is also the Chairman of the National Coastal Monitoring Programme Project Board and will be forging changes for the next 5 year phase of the £28m programme and its continued development and success.

      Tel: 01903 221372

    • David Thomas - Co-opt Member

      Over twenty years involvement in FRM, working for Internal Drainage Board's in both pumped and gravity catchments. Currently sitting on ADA Technical and Environment Committee, BSi CB501 (flood risk and watercourses), Great Fen Steering Committee (landscape scale restoration covering 6,700 acres), EA/defra Asset Management Theme Advisory Group (defining areas of research investment) and various other FRM related steering groups and committees.

    • Jamie Margetts - Ex-officio (UDG)

      Jamie is a founding Director of Clear, a specialist urban drainage modelling consultancy (now RPS) and Chair of the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group. He has presented at over 50 industry conferences

      or events, is a chartered member of CIWEM and also Vice Chair of the East Midlands CIWEM Branch. Jamie has developed innovative modelling and risk based drainage area planning specifications for

      most UK Water Companies, has a special interest in integrated urban drainage modelling, and co-edited the WaPUG Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guide. His current role is as Technical Director for Clear's involvement in a number of UK sewer modelling frameworks and is also a key model auditor involved in many high profile urban drainage modelling studies.


      Tel: 07949 045629


Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110   Fax: 020 7405 4967