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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

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Water Resources

CIWEM's Water Resources panel is one of the six Technical Panels that have been formed to ensure that the Institution is able to fulfil all aspects of its Royal Charter. 

The Panel comprises a range of experts in the water resources field, drawn from government, regulators, water companies, consultants, research organisations and others.


Terms of Reference

The panel's terms of reference define water resources as "the study and control of the availability and quality of raw water with particular reference to the sustainable assessment, development and operation of the wider environment and issues such as supply/demand balance" and it is within these parameters that the Panel operates.

The Water Resources Panel contributes to the work of CIWEM in a number of key ways:

  • By assisting with the development of responses to consultation by government and other bodies
  • By developing and updating Policy Position Statements on issues relevant to the field of water resources
  • By developing programmes and assisting in finding speakers for conferences and symposia
  • By providing technical assistance when called upon in providing advice to members of the Institution and to the public
  • By developing new publications and providing material and articles for CIWEM's magazine and Journal

Several Panel members represent the Institution on forums and at events. The Panel as a whole numbers approximately 20 and meets three times per year at CIWEM's offices in London. Members communicate regularly via e-mail between meetings.


The panel assisted in the 2010 report Regulation for a Sustainable Water Industry

CIWEM believes a wide-reaching review of the governance of the water industry is needed now to ensure that our use of water is sustainable in the long term and particularly in respect of environmental limits. Notwithstanding the successes achieved in the delivery of water and sewerage services in the last two decades, the structure, regulation and management of the water sector needs to be considered afresh if the challenges of the future, from population growth, climate change and environmental management are to be met. This report outlines CIWEM's vision for a sustainable water industry and includes features that we hope will be considered in any future regulatory reviews.

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We are fortunate to have an active and knowledgeable panel membership with a wide range of expertise, however we are always happy to receive expressions of interest. If you are interested in this or any other panel and would be happy to devote some time to the work of the Institution in a voluntary capacity, please forward your CV to Alastair Chisholm, Policy Manager.


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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110   Fax: 020 7405 4967