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Water Supply & Quality

CIWEM's Water Supply and Quality Panel panel is one of the six Technical Panels that have been formed to ensure that the Institution is able to fulfil all aspects of its Royal Charter. Panels are the technical backbone of the Institution.


Panel Activities

The Panel is charged with a number of outputs including events, consultation responses, policy statements, technical advice, representation and publications. Several Panel members represent CIWEM at forums and events. The Panel currently meets three times a year at CIWEM's London office, and members are in frequent contact via e-mail.


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The panel organised a seminar on Water Safety Plans in March 2014. Conference presentations are also available.  A seminar on Drinking Water 2015 is currently in production. 

The panel have recently updated the Policy Position Statement on water distribution network leakage in the UK following the 2015 EU reference document 'Good practice on leakage management'.    

The panel have produced an information sheet on aesthetic water quality to provide guidance to consumers if they have a concern over their water colour, taste or cloudiness.

All the panel's Policy Position Statements are available here



The Panel comprises a range of experts in the water resources field, drawn from government, regulators, water companies, consultants, research organisations and others. At present, the Panel meets three times annually identifying subject matter for conferences, symposiums and workshops. Panel members also provide a highly focused reservoir of experienced professionals who can provide expert comment on a wide range of consultation documents and matters linking drinking water quality and public health.

Meet members of the panel:

Dr Michael R. Templeton (Panel Chair) is Reader in Public Health Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. His areas of research expertise include emerging contaminants in water and innovative water treatment technologies. He also serves as a consultant for IC Consultants Ltd on a range of projects for the water industry.


Paul Sharratt is a Chartered Engineer with Consulting Engineers Pick Everard, he is based in their Derby Office. He has over 15 year experience in the Water Industry gained with a number of consultancies and utilities in the UK and Ireland. His experience is primarily in the fields of water supply, distribution and asset management. Additional professional interests include integrated water management, mini hydro power and sustainable engineering.

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Dr Alex Rizzo's main expertise are in vocational education & training (VET), and integrated water resources management.  Alex presently acts as Director of the Institute of Applied Science at the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). His previous engagement was as Deputy Chairman at the Malta Water Services Corporation (WSC). He has worked for over 20 years in both Real and Apparent Water Loss Control, both with the WSC and the International Water Association (IWA). 

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Len Hutton is Chartered Chemist and Environmentalist with worldwide experience in groundwater chemistry. Currently working with the North Caspian Operating Company initiating Biodiversity action planning and waste management programs. He was a WHO consultant on drinking water quality and has been working on prevention of pollution by major constructions in Botswana, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. Len Hutton.JPG

Dr Lisa Barrott is Principal Water Scientist with MWH. She has experience of a wide range of water treatment processes from research for the water industry and the consultancy sector. She has interest and experience in both small community water treatment and advanced water treatment processes and particularly drinking water safety plans. Recently she has been engaged in strategy feasibility and optimization studies for several water companies in the UK.

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Nic Thomson is Principal Potable Water Process Engineer with Grontmij. He has over 25 years UK and overseas experience in the water industry. This includes a wide range of treatment processes involving clarification, filtration, membranes, UV, metals removal and pesticide removal. He has undertaken process investigation and design for projects ranging from small treatment plants on remote Scottish Islands to large plants supplying major urban areas.


Brian Buckley is a Chartered Scientist and Environmentalist, and a Consultant specialising in water science, risk management and public health. Working in the UK and overseas, he was formerly Chief Scientist for South West Water and Principal Scientific Advisor (Potable Water) to Welsh Water. A former Member of Glas Cymru, he is a long serving member and former Chair of this Panel and the Scientific Group. He was also a past Council member.

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Stuart Trow is a Chartered Engineer who has worked in the UK water industry for 38 years. His primary experience is in water distribution and in particular leakage management although he has also worked in water resources, sewerage and sewage treatment. He has been a director of a consulting and field services company, a mains rehabilitation contractor, and two pressure management companies. He is currently a consultant providing regulatory assurance, and strategic support on organisational efficiency.

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Jeanette Sheldon is the Water Quality Manager at South East Water and has worked in the UK water industry for nearly 20 years within water companies and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. Jeanette has worked with both conventional and advanced drinking water treatment processes, initially in research and subsequently as a process scientist and manager.  Jeanette spent three years working for the Drinking Water Inspectorate, covering all aspects of Drinking Water Quality Regulation in England and Wales.  Jeanette is currently managing the Water Quality team in South East Water, covering sampling, process science at treatment works, catchment management, distribution management and drinking water safety plans.



The Panel is keen to attract interest from professionals engaged in the production and network functions of water supply operations and also those in the manufacture and supply of water treatment equipment and water quality instrumentation. If you are interested in this or any other panel and would be happy to devote some time to the work of the Institution in a voluntary capacity, please forward your CV to Alastair Chisholm, Policy Manager.


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Chartered Institution of Water and
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106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
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