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We are the only Royal Chartered professional body dedicated to the water and environment sector. We represent and support a community of thousands of members globally, dedicated to improving water and environmental management and associated social and cultural issues.

If you’ve just started a career in the water and environmental sectors or are a professional who would like to expand your knowledge, why not join the only professional body dedicated to both sectors?

Why join CIWEM?

Professional recognition
Our grades of membership and external qualifications are highly sought after by employers in the Water and Environmental sectors. By joining CIWEM, you will become a part of a leading network of professionals who abide by our Code of Ethics, uphold the highest professional standards and demonstrate a commitment to improving the environment for future generations.

Have your say on pressing environmental issues
CIWEM regularly responds to public consultations and strives to effect changes in water and environmental policy by tapping into the strong technical knowledge and practical experience of our members, who are encouraged to contribute through their participation in our Branches, Networks, Panels and Groups and by writing articles for our peer-reviewed journal and magazine. Through the contributions of our diverse pool of members, who work in academia, government, NGOs and industry, we are able to deliver high quality outputs on a wide range of water and environmental issues.

Benefit from Mentorship
We strive to assist our members in their journey to Chartership by helping to match them with suitable mentors (where possible) and by offering Mentor Training programmes to those seeking to formally mentor individuals in their organisations.

CPD programme helping you gain Chartered (C.WEM) status
We understand the importance of Continued Professional Development (CPD) and offer CPD courses through our e-learning platform, through face-to-face modules and bespoke in-house training for your company.

Access to the CIWEM Jobs Database
We regularly post jobs related to our areas of work in the CIWEM Jobs portal and you will find the latest water and environmental jobs for the UK and abroad.

Opportunities to network
CIWEM organises a portfolio of UK-based and international thought-leading events, providing industry-recognised fora for debate, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and sector-based networking. These events typically run parallel to CIWEM’s policy work and are designed to inform key initiatives.

Through our network of UK-based and international branches, members have the opportunity to regularly meet and attend events that are held nearby.

Access to peer-reviewed technical journals and magazine 
We deliver our peer-reviewed Water and Environmental Journal and The Environment Magazine directly to you in print.

Members receive 90% off the online subscription rate for the highly sought after Water and Environmental Journal.

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