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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110 Fax: 020 7405 4967

Admissions and Transfers

CIWEM would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members and acknowledge existing members who have upgraded their membership recently.


Transfer to Fellow

Joseph Gilfeather (Hong Kong); Nicolas Fletcher (Northern Ireland) 

Transfer to Chartered Member

Klaudyna Narozna (West Midlands); Laura McDonough (North Wales and North Western); Phil Garvey (Central Southern); Samuel Willis (West Midlands); James Stuart (West Midlands); Tom Bisson (North Wales and North Western); Matthew Shipton (Metropolitan); Janet Duncan (Welsh); Alison Scally (South Western); Christopher Speight (Tyne and Humber); Rachel Cheetham (East Midlands); Law Yeuk Tim (Hong Kong); Emma Collins (Central Southern); Alexandra May (West Midlands); Tracey Jones (North Wales and North Western); Sarah Williams (Tyne and Humber); Rachel Kelly (West Midlands); Charles Townsend (North Wales and North Western); Adam Hosking (Central Southern); Isa Mohammed (Central Southern); Yam Chun Hung Tony (Hong Kong); Robert Forsyth (Metropolitan); Nicholas Lowe; Kirsty Kerr (Northern Ireland); Bharath Poshala (East Anglia); Niall Greenan (Metropolitan); Arkadiusz Kadlec (Central Southern); Peter Roberts (East Anglia); Richard Kelland (Welsh); Samuel Willis (West Midlands); Vicky Mohun (North Wales & North Western); Phil Garvey (Central Southern); Kelvin Reay (Metropolitan); William Oteng-Mensah (South Western); Ng Tze Phin Jeffrey (Central Southern)

Transfer to Member

Andrew Valantine (Central Southern); Anna Smith (North Wales and North Western); Peter Stark (East Midlands); Robert Turner (North Wales and North Western); Prakash Tiwari (Central Southern); Claire Underhill (Central Southern); Heather Williams (Central Southern); Simon Wood (Metropolitan); Paul Weller (South Western); Andre Matos (Scottish); Christopher Matthews (South Western); Lucy Parker (Scottish); Francis Martin; Frank Newell (South Western); Margaret Neal (East Midlands); Sarah Vincent-Piper (Welsh); Paulette Posen (East Anglia); Elinor Phillips (North Wales and North Western); Daniel Watson (Metropolitan); John Kreft (East Midlands); Laura Henley (Metropolitan); Craig Hastie (South Western); Laura Knowles (Tyne and Humber); Katherine Mason (South Western); Sarah Lund (Welsh); Iain Baines (South Western); Peter Aylett (South Western); Angela Barber (East Anglia); Richard Breakspear (South Western); Elizabeth Cherry (West Midlands); Bethan Davies (Central Southern); Laura Hammerton (East Midlands); Kirsty How (Tyne and Humber); Amanda Coffey (West Midlands); Ioannis Alexiou (Metropolitan); Rebecca Passmore (Scottish); Kathryn Fleming (South Western); Simon Moore (Central Southern); Chan Tak-Fan (South Eastern); Huan Ma (East Anglia); Kevin Shilling (South Eastern); Amy Peat (East Midlands); Hilary Hampton (East Anglia); Matthew Bullock (South Western); David Jones (Scottish); Jeremy Rogers (Central Southern); Samuel Griffin (Northern Ireland); Polly Curle (South Western)

Transfer to Graduate

Iram Mirza (East Midlands), Charlotte Sugden (South Eastern), Rohit Das (East Anglia), Thomas Green (Central Southern)

Admitted as Chartered Member

Andrew Sherwood (North Wales and North Western); Virginia Stovin (Tyne and Humber); Matthew Brown (West Midlands); Colin Youngs (South Western); Michael McHugh (Metropolitan); Richard Haine (Metropolitan); Loy Teck Suan (Hong Kong); Anne Casey (Republic of Ireland); Colin Riggs (North Wales and North Western); Nicholas Paige (South Eastern); Michael Quinn (Northern Ireland); Muhammad Akhtar (Tyne & Humber); Eric Burgess (East Anglia); Zamir Hadzovic (West Midlands); Andrew Lane (Tyne & Humber); Gayatri Tumuluri (Metropolitan); Geeta Lamsal (West Midlands); David McLean (Northern Ireland); Tam Yuen Shan (Hong Kong); Karl Bullock (Metropolitan); Nataliya Danylo (North Wales & North Western); Michael McCartney (Nortern Ireland); 

Admitted as Member

David Turnbull (East Midlands); Yuet Shing Yuen (Hong Kong); Philip Ward (East Midlands); Robin Pearson (South Western); Laura Sleightholme (Metropolitan); Graham Miller (North Wales and North Western); Iain Hissett (Central Southern); Katie Hill (Central Southern); Matthew Langdon (South Western); Thomas Lewis (Welsh); Mark Burke (East Anglia); Thomas Bridge (East Midlands); Selina Dagless (Metropolitan); Hilary Ellis (North Wales and North Western); Loy Teck Suan (Hong Kong); Kelly Coles (East Midlands); Ainsley Peters (East Midlands); Lisa Hawker (West Midlands); Ian Holman (East Anglia); Mohammed Nabeerasool (North Wales & North Western); Emma Cassar; Ayyappa Gudimetla (East Anglia); Simon Jeffery (South Western); Victor Ojambati (East Midlands); Nuria Balaguero Granollers (South Western); Douglas Mayer (East Midlands); Steven Brown (Metropolitan); Saha Rahman (East Midlands); Umesh Kolla; Michael Powell (North Wales & North Western); Birol Sokmener (Scottish); Simon King ( Central Southern); James Latham (Metropolitan)

Admitted as Graduate

Nicholas Benton (Scottish); Michael Charles (East Anglia); Thomas Evans (Metropolitan); Ryan Garner (North Wales and North Western); Christopher Jones (East Anglia); Charlotte Jones (South Western); Chloe Nielson (South Western); Jennifer Warhurst (Metropolitan); Hayley Rudge (North Wales and North Western); Zak Ritchie (Scottish); Rachel Sion (Welsh); Sophie Adams (North Wales and North Western); Amarjit Agar (West Midlands); Oluwafeyikemi Akinola (North Wales and North Western); Trudy Bovey (South Western); Laura Grand (West Midlands); Francesca Dee (North Wales & North Western); Thomas Schule (West Midlands); Cristhian Gonzalez Hernandez (Metropolitan)' William Flahive (West Midlands)

Admitted as Student

Tim Liptrot (East Midlands); Edward Cook (East Anglia); Richard Edney (Metropolitan); Alexander Clapham (Scottish); Nikoofar Aalabaf-Sabaghi (Metropolitan); Darren Peck (East Anglia); Christopher Cullen (Central Southern); James Bennett (Metropolitan); John Donaghy (North Wales and North Western); Yihuan Deng (East Midlands); James Travers (Scottish); Ethan Cross (East Anglia); Andrew Chaloner (West Midlands); Eugene Chen (Scottish); 

In Memoriam

William Desmond Yale, Fellow, South Western

Ralph Smith, Chartered Member, East Anglia

William Joseph Molloy, Fellow, Northern Ireland

Thomas Gwilym Jones, Associate, Wales

James Duke Milne, Fellow, Scottish

Maurice Royden Shephard, Life Member, South Western

Jean Mary Morley Trevithick, Chartered Member, South Western

Edward John Pipe, Fellow, Metropolitan

Peter Hall Smith, Fellow, Scottish

Paul David Scholl, Fellow, Metropolitan

Trevor Waldmeyer, Life Member, South Eastern

William Mansell, Chartered Member, New Zealand

Anthony Birch, Fellow, Welsh

Stuart Lowther, Chartered Member, East Anglia

David Hollingworth , Chartered Member, East Anglia

George Stewart, Chartered Member, North Wales and North Western

David Gray, Fellow, Metropolitan

Paul Pearce, Fellow, Central Southern

Joseph Young, Fellow, South Western

Peter Langford, Chartered Member, Central Southern

Sophie Crew, Graduate, South Western

John George Hayton, Fellow, South Eastern

Nikiphoros C Bacalis, Chartered Member, Greece





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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110 Fax: 020 7405 4967

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