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Application guidance

Please note that we will only accept applications via the online portal and applications will not be accepted via or by post. If you require any  accommodations to the application process, please contact the Membership Team.

Follow the links below to see the specific guidance for our membership application process:

Please note that due to the requirements of our external licensing bodies, we will no longer be accepting the old mapped competencies documents. You will now be required to go online and complete separate competencies for each professional registration.

CPD guidence

For guidance on Continual Professional Development (CPD), please follow the link below:

The Chartered Scientist revalidation statement for October 2015 – October 2016 is due on Monday 24th October 2016, and should demonstrate what CPD activities you have undertaken and how you have utilised them in your current role. Please send your revalidation statements to

For guidance on Chartered Scientist revalidation, please follow the link below.