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 Application Fees 2017

Description Credit Card/Cheque
Application Fee applies to all non-members applying for CIWEM/external grades and registrations (CEng/IEng/EngTech/CSci/CEnv)*

Associate (Graduate Membership) – Application Fee includes subscription till the end of the calendar year

Reinstatement Application Fee – where membership has lapsed beyond current year up to a maximum of 3 years*

*Please note that if your application is successful, you will be billed a pro-rata membership fee to cover your subscription for the remainder of the year





Additional Fees 2017

Transfer Fee*
–  Student to Graduate
– Chartered Member to Fellow*Transfer fees are billed to existing members who wish to upgrade their level of membership or apply for external registrations

Transfer Fee  –  All other changes in grades of membership



Professional Review Fee*

*Applicants (and existing members) seeking Chartered membership, external professional registrations or direct entry into Fellowship will be required to undertake a Professional Review

Regulation Management Fee*

*All members registered with external bodies will be required to pay a regulation management fee

£25.00 + VAT@20%= £30.0
Retired Regulation Management Fee £20.00 + VAT @20% = £24.00
Overdue Fee – from 1st March 2016 £20
Reinstatement Fee for 2016 Suspended membership – from 1st May 2016 £25

All Fees are charged pro-rata for new members with the exception of students and graduates. 

Subscriptions Rates 2017

Category of Member Subscription rate
Fellow £280
Chartered Member £274
Member MCIWEM £190
Graduate Member £127
Environmental Partner £98
Technician Member £102
Students In full time education £0

Retired members subscriptions for 2017

Category of membership Subscription Rate
With both publications £102
Without publications £40
Magazine only £88
Journal only (4 issues) £67

Please note that the ceiling for retired members will be £15,000 from earned income.

Engineering council fees 2017

Fees CEng IEng Eng Tech
Entry Fee and first year subscription from
1st January 2016
£47.80 £40.40 £16.50
Annual Fee Final Registration £36.80 £31.10 £17.90
Retired/Hardship Rates £16.60 £13.90 £8.00

Science council fees 2017

Chartered Scientist (CSci) Annual Fee £25.00

Society for the Environment 2017

Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) Annual Fee £41.00
Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) First Year Registration Fee (which includes the annual registration until the end of the calendar year) £82.00

Business/Academic Affiliates

Tier 2 (£518 + VAT@20%) £621.60
Tier 1 (£906 + VAT@20%) £1,087.20
International Partner Organisations
Tier 2 £518 £621.60
Tier 1 £906 £1,087.20


If you receive the Water and Environment Journal in print as part of your membership, you can also opt for online access as an additional subscription at a reduced rate for CIWEM members of £26 per year (usually £242 for non-members). You will receive access to the entire journal back catalog for this annual fee. To sign up and for more information click here.

The application fee will include Introductory Membership, which will entitle applicants immediate receipt of the Journal, Magazine and Branch mailings. It is the only payment required when submitting an application, with the exception of student grade.

Following election, new entrants, with the exception of Students and Graduates, will be charged the annual subscription for their grade of membership, pro rata to the number of complete months of membership in the year. The annual subscription becomes due on 1 January each year.

Professional Review (PR) fee to be paid when you receive an invitation to Professional Review Interview.

The transfer fee is payable on election to a new membership grade. Transfers are not required to submit an application fee.