Climate Change Network

Role and Function

CIWEM’s Climate Change Network (CCN) provides expert views for the Institution and is a sounding board for current and new initiatives. The CCN enables CIWEM to deliver technical and policy outputs to a consistently high standard. The network acts as a focal point, bringing together people who are working in the area or for whom climate change is a key issue. The network includes contacts from across the public and private sectors and across the globe.

For more information on CIWEM’s climate change activities please visit the climate change page.

If you have climate change as an element of your post or are interested in climate change issues, please email Alastair to join the network. Membership of the network is not a commitment – it is a good way to keep in touch with CIWEM’s work on climate change issues and to pass on your views. Membership of the network is open to Members and non members.


Steering Group

The CCN is a virtual global network, operating mainly by email, but there is a Steering Group who meet 2 times a year to help direct the work of the Network as a whole.

The group is chaired by Geoff Darch of Atkins. He is a Chartered Scientist and a leading expert in climate change adaptation.  Geoff is Team Leader of Climate Change and Environmental Futures at Atkins and is also the deputy Chair of the European Water Association’s Climate Change Working Group.

The Steering Group aims to:

• Be a focal point for professionals engaged in issues relating to climate change
• Engage, inform and assist the UN, governments and other bodies on climate change
• Advocate best practice globally
• Contribute to the range of CIWEM activities
• Raise its profile as an established network at conferences and events
• Assist in the production of a range of policy outputs