Energy Network

Role and Function

The function of the CIWEM Energy Network is to provide expert views for the Institution and to be a sounding board for current and new initiatives. The Energy Network enables CIWEM to deliver technical and policy outputs to a consistently high standard. The network acts as a focal point, bringing together people who are working in the area or for whom energy and climate change is a key issue.

The CIWEM Energy Network works as a virtual pool of energy experts who can contribute to consultation responses and other policy outputs.  The network  considers key issues relating to energy policy and technical challenges, from de-carbonising energy supply to maximising uptake of energy efficiency across society.

If you would like to join please get in touch with Laura Grant who oversees the management of the network.



Members of the network assisted in CIWEM’s Shale Gas and Water report. This reviews review of the likely viability, scale and timing of shale gas exploitation in the UK.  It also considers if an industry of any significant scale were to develop, what the implications of hydraulic fracturing of shale would be for water resources, water treatment and the water environment, and the regulatory requirements needed to mitigate the industry’s impact on the environment.


Consultation Responses

Energy related consultation responses can be viewed here.