Mentor Training – Sept, London

Monday 11th September 2017 10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost £250.00


Event Description

Why attend?

CIWEM recommends that all candidates wishing to become chartered as part of their career development should seek the support of a mentor to guide them through the journey which can take four years or more to come to fruition. Equally, enlightened companies and organisations who know that having staff who are chartered will considerably enhance the quality of the services provided, and confidence that work will be done well, should seek to establish a network of mentors within their organisations to support staff who are looking to become chartered.

This course will:

  1. Explain and celebrate the benefits of chartership
  2. Explain the routes to CIWEM membership and timeline
  3. Examine the CIWEM Core Competencies in details and what they really mean
  4. Explain the role of licensing bodies and how their competencies are linked to the five CIWEM core competencies
  5. Explore and explain the role of the CIWEM mentor including:
    • The qualities needed to be a mentor
    • Accessibility and communication channels
    • The mentor–-mentee relationship
    • Mentor selection and rejection
    • The responsibilities of the mentor and the mentee
  6. Explain the interview process and the mentor’s role in helping prepare for it.
  7. Highlight the do’s and don’ts of being a CIWEM mentor

After attending the course, you will be able to

  • Understand the importance of candidates receiving good mentor support during their preparation for chartership
  • Know how to establish a good working relationship with a mentee
  • Understand the route to becoming a chartered or incorporated member of CIWEM
  • Understand the 14 mandatory competencies in depth and how to help a mentee relate to them
  • Know the do’s and don’ts of mentoring, the approaches needed to get the best from mentees and be able to manage the mentee’s expectations
  • Be confident in using your position as a mentor in your company to influence their career progression and ensure that they receive the variety experience that they need to become a chartered member of CIWEM
  • Understand the differences between the competencies of the four licensing bodies and why mentees need to be absolutely clear about which chartership they are applying for and why they need that qualification
  • Understand and be able to influence the success of the application process for the mentee
  • Prepare mentees for their professional review
  • Understand the need as a mentor to remain aware of current developments in the water and environmental sector and maintain a good level of CPD – ‘do as I do’ approach

Who should attend?

  • Senior technical managers wishing to become mentors
  • Mentors in need of a refresh
  • Technical personnel moving into a mentoring role



CIWEM Venue, 106 - 109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS


10:00am - 4:00pm