Introduction to the UK Water Industry

This module is particularly designed for new entrants to the water sector. It will be of interest whatever discipline or department you work in or whatever your background, whether you work in a water company itself, a consultancy servicing the sector or another organisation that is actively engaged with, or dealing with, UK water businesses.

It is also suitable for all those who might want, or need, to know more about the different activities that water companies are involved in and how these fit together.

Key points covered in the module include:

  • The Water Cycle – a basic understanding of what water is, its uses, what pollutes it and why
  • Basic infrastructure – A general overview of where potable water comes from, what its used for and the need for the resulting wastewater to be treated prior to release back into the environment
  • The basic structural framework of the UK water sector – UK water companies and what they do; how they intervene in, and help manage, the water cycle, including an overview of the relevant legislative and regulatory framework within which they operate
  • Potable water – raw water sources; an introduction to why and how drinking water is treated
  • Distribution – getting water from the treatment plant to the consumer
  • Wastewater – getting both domestic and industrial wastewaters to the treatment plant; an introduction to why and how these are treated before the effluents are discharged
  • The future – key areas in the sector that are moving forward and important areas of focus

The focus of this module is on a general description and overview that demonstrates the way in which the different aspects of a water business link together to deliver their services and products. The technical content of this module is limited to only that which is required to appreciate the nature of the various water treatment or pollution removal processes.

The start dates are:

The cost of the module is £200.00 (inc. VAT). This module has a total learning time equivalent of 6-8 hours spread over 3-4 weeks.

If you have any questions please email Charnay Teixeira or call 020 7831 3110.

CIWEM reserve the right to cancel any start date if there are insufficient registrants. No refunds can be made less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the module although substitutions can be made at any time.


“Just to say useful unit for me; learnt new things, consolidated knowledge and reminded me of things I’d forgotton!”