Transforming pollution pathways into assets – Urban Rivers and Streams conference 2017

On Tuesday, we held our urban rivers and streams conference, which was kindly sponsored by Hydro International, to examine and discuss the existing regulation, policy drivers and look at whether we are making progress towards controlling and regulating the flow of pollution into urban water sources.

A number of fantastic speakers attended including Dr David Lerner from the University of Sheffield, Bruce Horton from MWH, Dr Sindre Langaas, Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA), Jo Bradley from SDS Ltd and Calum McPhail from SEPA attended and provided some really devastating case studies of polluted water sources which were local to them. Case studies included the River Wandle, Strathclyde Loch and the River Darwen.

It was great to see that this was a topic that everyone, both speakers and the audience, felt very passionate about and keen to initiate change. After all the presentations had been given, the floor was opened to debate which showed how strongly the group felt about the issues surrounding pollution entering our water sources. Representatives from Atkins, Mott Macdonald and Thames Water were among those who attended the conference on Tuesday, and there was a strong agreement among everyone that this was an issue that needed to be more seriously addressed by all stakeholders and parties involved. The presentations from our speakers can be found here.

The next CIWEM event will tie in well to this conference, and will look at “Priority Substances and Micro-Pollutants”, this is taking place on September 14th. If you are interested in attending this event, click here to find out more.

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