Trustee recruitment

In 2017 we are seeking applications to fill a number of vacancies on CIWEM’s Trustee Board with high calibre people who will be able to shape the future of the water and environment profession as well as that of CIWEM itself.

CIWEM endeavours to have a diverse membership of the Trustee Board in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, experience and also from as wide a geographical spread as possible. To achieve this the Trustee Board would particularly welcome applications from female applicants and from members of ethnic minorities. Preferred skill-sets sought in our 2017 programme include:

  • Company secretarial, banking, insurance, financial or legal expertise
  • An understanding of training and/or online training businesses
  • A background in commercial organisations and/or contracting/delivery expertise
  • Environmental policy, conservation and ecology
  • Senior level NGO experience

For more information about becoming a Trustee and how to apply by 28th March 2017 click here.