About the award

The award celebrates an artwork, project or field of activity by an artist (or group) that has contributed innovatively to CIWEM’s vision of “putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action”. This high-profile award recognises excellence in work by arts practitioners, or environmentalists engaging with arts practices, whether well-established or newly emerging, in the UK or elsewhere in the world. The focus is on rewarding identified work, not simply a person.

The 2019 competition is now closed.

How to enter

Making a nomination is easy. Nominees need to send a short description of the artwork or project you are nominating, along with your reasons in a message marked “Nick Reeves Award”, to victoria.west@ciwem.org. Self-nomination is permitted.

All forms and modes of arts practice, and geographical locations, may be considered. This scheme symbolises the growing significance of cross-disciplinary approaches in relating imaginatively to the world around us, and in responding to the environmental and cultural challenges of the current age. CIWEM, CCANW, and their collaborating partners at the forefront of evolving new thinking on these issues, are committed to highlighting positive examples of effort, talent, leadership and insight for us all.

The judging panel consists of representatives from both CIWEM’s Arts and The Environment Network and CCANW. The judges will select shortlisted candidates, whose work will be recognised when the winning piece of artwork is announced to the press. The judges’ decision on all matters relating to the competition is final.

Previous winners


Clare Whistler and Charlotte Still win prestigious environmental arts award for their work raising awareness of water issues using innovative projects.

Now in its 6th year, Waterweek has evolved into a wider collective of artists and others with enthusiasm for water and the Waterweek concept.

For 2019, their theme was Vital Water, which involved a number of different activities including community beach cleans and river walks.

It was first run in 2012 in aim of educating people to enjoy and learn more about water, through engaging with different artists, engineers, ecologists and local residents. This year’s theme was Vital Water, which involved a number of different activities including community beach cleans and river walks.

You can read the full press release here.

2018 Common Ground

Congratulations to Common Ground, winners of the 2018 Nick Reeves Award, in celebration of their work as an arts and environmental charity since 1983.

Common Ground is charity based in Dorset, which has been at the forefront of community conservation and environmental education in England for the last thirty years.

There were commended in particular for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park project which exhibits works of Andy Goldsworthy, John Hubbard, and James Ravilious and more.

2017 GroundWork Gallery

This year’s Nick Reeves Award has been given to the GroundWork Gallery, an important new space in King’s Lynn dedicated to art and the environment.

GroundWork shows the work of contemporary artists who care about how we see the world. It holds a number of exhibitions and creative programmes which explore how art can enable us to respond to the changing environment and help to shape its future.

Find out more about GroundWork here.

2016 ecoartscotland and The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI)

Ecoartscotland and The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) collaboration in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the field of environmental arts, including the LAGI Glasgow Design Competition.

2015 The Ashden Directory of Environment and Performance

The Ashden Directory of Environment and Performance is the winner of the 2015 award.

The Ashden Directory of Environment and Performance; from 2000 to 2014 the “Ashden Directory” published an online magazine of news, interviews and features relating to ecology and the performing arts. More info here.

2014 Vincent Walsh

The 2014 winner, Vincent Walsh, was presented with the award for his ambitious work in establishing the Biospheric Foundation, a Socio-Ecological Urban Research Practice in Blackfriars, East Salford..

2013 Platform

Platform, a London-based innovative arts collective, was selected for its long-standing commitment to using the arts to open up spaces for transformation, inspiration and change in ecological and social justice.

2012 Richard Long RA

Richard Long RA. The award recognised the full body of Long’s highly original work for its dialogues with the natural world, and the way it participates in the rhythms, distances and raw materials of that world.

2011 Cape Farewell

The winner of the 2011 award was Cape Farewell for their unique contribution to public understanding of climate change through art and science. Cape Farewell brings together leading artists, writers, scientists, educators and media for expeditions to hot spots of climate change where they can map, measure and be inspired by the environment in order to create artworks that engage the public through creative insight and vision.

2010 Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison

The winners of the first award were Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, who have led the field of ecological art for over 40 years. The award was made in particular recognition of their acclaimed work, The Force Majeure. The Force Majeure is a distillation of works on the theme of climate change, incorporating Greenhouse Britain: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom, which was first shown at CCANW in 2007.

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