Stay in touch with CIWEM

CIWEM provides regular updates via email and social media on our upcoming events, training and industry news. To stay informed, please update your communication preferences in your MyCIWEM account and follow us on social media. MyCIWEM accounts are free and available to the public.



You can update your email communication preferences in your MyCIWEM account. Creating a MyCIWEM account takes just a few minutes and accounts are free and available to the public. If you do not yet have a MyCIWEM account, click here to get started.

Please note that your MyCIWEM email address will be used for all correspondence. If you have a MyCIWEM account and are not receiving regular emails from us, please check that your primary email address is current and that you have the following communication preferences selected in the marketing section of your member area. We recommend selecting all digital preferences as illustrated below. You can typically expect to receive one regular email from CIWEM on a weekly basis.

Social Media

We also encourage you to get in touch with us and our community via social media. We will be communicating regularly via the following official CIWEM channels along with our members newsletters.

Additionally, CIWEM has public networking groups on social media which allow our community to connect with each other. We encourage you to use these tools to share advice and aid for people in your community. Click the links below to join us and let us know if there are any additional resources CIWEM can provide to help you connect.

General enquiries

For any enquiries contact us at the phone number or email below and we'll make sure that you get in contact with the appropriate team member:

+44 (0)20 7831 3110

If you need to change your MyCIWEM log in username please email