Strategic Flood Risk Management Officer

Job Description

Flood risk management: building awareness, building resilience.

Across our beautiful county, communities and businesses are counting on us to manage local flood risks. Through developing understanding and partnership working, we rise to this challenge and continually strive for a flood-resilient Gloucestershire.  It’s work to be proud of. It’s work that has the power to ensure lasting improvements to people’s lives, whilst making genuine contributions to biodiversity and natural amenity. As Strategic Flood Risk Management Officer, your project management and flood risk policy experience will be at the very heart of this ongoing commitment and central to its success.

As part of our specialist Lead local Flood Authority team, you will play a key role in delivering our statutory responsibilities. By concentrating on flood alleviation schemes and critical policies, you will also be helping to put the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy into practice. Day to day, you’ll be working with contractors, communities and cross-authority groups, so adaptable communication and efficient organisational skills are essential. 

If you have a genuine desire to make a difference and can back this up with a proven track record of flood risk management and a relevant qualification, we’d love to hear from you.

For an informal discussion of the role, please email to arrange a suitable time to talk.

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Interview Date: 14th October 2019.

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