Advisor (2) Freshwater Pearl Mussel Recovery

Job Description

To continue and expand the implementation of the NRW Freshwater Pearl Mussel Conservation Strategy for Wales.  This will inform direct conservation management as well as the preparation of NRW policy, programmes, plans, strategies and guidance related to pearl mussel conservation. You will work with other members of the freshwater ecosystems and fisheries management team, NRW Operations and engage with stakeholders.

Qualifications and Skills

·         A good knowledge of freshwater conservation and experience of planning and delivery of practical conservation programmes.

·         Knowledge of: Welsh, UK and EU legislation related to biodiversity and freshwater fisheries; Welsh, UK Government policy drivers in biodiversity and freshwater fisheries; and the issues and opportunities in Wales.

·         Experience of: technical analysis and interpretation of a range of environmental information and data.

·         Working with/in statutory nature conservation bodies, water companies, local authorities, eNGOs, and public bodies.

·         Working in a programme and project management environment with Project Management experience and/or qualifications.

·        Share your knowledge and expertise to help solve problems, supporting all Heads of Business in EPP as required

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