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Cornwall has long been a leader in the production of renewable and low carbon energy. However, given the fact that renewable energy is only available when its sunny or windy, Cornwall is also at the forefront of significant challenge - what do you do when the sun isn’t shining, and the wind isn’t blowing?

The Cornwall Local Energy Market (LEM) initiative aims to address this question in a way that allows homes and businesses to play a role and get rewarded for their contribution. Using a virtual marketplace, the LEM encourages parties with energy flexibility – the ability to produce more or less energy, or the shift the times when energy is used or produced – to sell this as a service to the grid. In doing so, they will make use of the available renewable energy and bridge the gaps when supply and demand don’t match.

The LEM has been developed and trialled in Cornwall but is relevant to all areas, particularly as we switch our energy supply to renewables. Indeed, Centrica is working on what comes next with the long-term aim to for the LEM to serve all parts of the country.

This presentation will summarise the innovative approach that is being trialled in the Cornwall, summarising the key benefits and constraints of the scheme and how it could be rolled out elsewhere in the UK.

This webinar is part of the CIWEM Climate Emergency Adaption Net Zero digital series.

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About the speaker

Dan Nicholls

Dan Nicholls is the Programme Manager for Centrica’s LEM. He has long been a believer in tackling climate change with local solutions that benefit energy users. Before joining Centrica, Dan worked in the public sector where he led on public sector energy strategy, investment and project delivery..

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