9:30am - 4:15pm


Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, London


From £60.00

Joint CIWEM - British Hydrological Society Meeting

This joint CIWEM-BHS national meeting (part of an ongoing series of meetings designed to link researchers, policy makers and practitioners) will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value that hydrometry provides for society, the environment and the economy. It will feature presentations and debate from those responsible for the collection and management of hydrometric data, through those who utilise it for studies, modelling and critical decision making, to the less obvious users who gain value from it.

Who should attend?

The meeting will bring together academics, researchers, consultants, hydrologists, environmental managers, policy-makers, regulators and other stakeholders.

What will you learn?

The meeting will be of interest to all who rely on good quality, long-term hydrometric data records to make informed, robust decisions on water resources management and flood risk, whether that is planning a new reservoir or flood alleviation scheme, through to abstractions and discharges. Good quality, continuous hydrometric data underpins almost every aspect of the way society interfaces with the hydrological cycle, yet can be undervalued, overlooked or misunderstood by many decision makers. This meeting seeks to promote the value of the ordinary – the seemingly routine observations of our rivers and streams, the groundwater beneath our feet, and the rainfall and other parameters that are measured – and recognise its importance and wider benefits for consultants and practitioners, as well as wider society, the environment and the economy, across the whole spectrum of water management. It will also signpost emerging developments in this field, and explain how concepts such as open data, big data and citizen science sit alongside technical standards, quality assurance and expert judgement to take hydrometry forward.

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