Decision Makers

Decision Makers Ltd is a SME which was established in 2009. Monitoring of drinking water quality in distribution systems for both intentional and unintentional contamination events has received increased attention internationally in recent years. Its core expertise is in the field of abnormal events' detection in water distribution systems. In the last few years Decision Makers has developed a sensor agnostic EDS system called 'MindsetDetector', capable of both single station monitoring and network monitoring. The software includes proprietary and common knowledge algorithms for abnormality detection.


Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) was formed in 2016 with a vision to bring bespoke company specific training to the Water Sector. We have worked closely with the sector to develop a suite of technically focused higher level national qualifications available to the water asset owners and supply chain. Designed to advance the competence of the Water Industry and to address the technical needs of Water Managers specifically, the ultimate aim being to raise the technical competence of the industry to meet the requirements of its regulators.

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