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Event description

Join us for a series of presentations on new estimates of climate change and implications for flood risk, and the evolving role for flood forecasting in managing flood risk in the future. Details of the Met Office climate and weather forecast service and updated climate research on precipitation extremes. Speakers from the Environment Agency will discuss what that means for coastal flood risk and peak river flows, along with considerations for real time flood forecasting.

Speakers include;

Lizzie Kendon: New estimates of short-duration precipitation extremes from UKCP Local (2.2km): implications for flood risk in a changing climate.

Caroline Sutton and Sam Kipling: Incorporating climate change in land use planning - strategy and allowances.

Ben Meredith: Impacts of climate change on coastal flood risk

Clare Waller: Climate change and peak river flows

Mike Vaughan: Considerations of climate change in real-time flood forecasting.

A Question and Answer session will follow the presentations.

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About the speakers

Lizzie Kendon Science Fellow and Manager ‘Understanding Regional Climate Change’ at the Met Office. Lizzie leads pioneering work to use very high resolution (km-scale) climate models for understanding future changes in high impact weather events. Lizzie also has a joint Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) position at Bristol University as a Professor in the Faculty of Science, exploiting new high-resolution climate projections for impacts modelling and user applications.

Caroline Sutton, Senior Advisor, Environment Agency. Caroline has been at the Environment Agency since 2009, working in the national office focusing on the EA’s spatial planning role. In her current role, she leads on influencing national spatial planning policy and climate change. In this role she leads the Agency’s liaison with the Government on the development of planning policy, promoting robust policy and guidance for a range of environmental issues, including climate change, flood risk water resources, waste issues and the planning and permitting interface. She is also responsible for Environment Agency guidance on climate change allowances for flood risk assessments and works closely with colleagues on guidance for Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Risk Assessments.

Sam Kipling, Senior Advisor, Environment Agency. Sam joined the Environment Agency in 2004, focussing on planning policy and development management within the Sustainable Places team, including leading the EA’s input to the 2018 National Planning Policy Framework revision. Now part of the Adaption & Resilience team, Sam’s work focuses on flood risk and sustainable drainage within the context of wider planning reform, including the government’s recent policy review of development in flood risk areas. As a planner at the EA, ensuring development is resilient to flood risk and the impacts of climate change are central to his role.

Clare Waller, Senior Advisor, Environment Agency. Clare recently joined the Environment Agency as technical lead in the national hydrology team within Evidence and Risk, following over 15 years’ flood modelling experience in academia and consultancy. She advises on strategic improvements to operational hydrology methods such as non-stationary trend analysis, provides quality assurance for complex hydrological modelling studies, and supports the development of hydrology skills for EA staff.

Mike Vaughan, Senior Advisor, Environment Agency. Mike has over 30 years experience in real-time flood forecasting, hydrology and hydrometry, including working on forecasting model development projects, the production of guidelines and the Environment Agency’s original National Flood Forecasting System. He has also been an operational flood forecaster for much of this time with the Autumn 2000 and Christmas 2013 floods in south-east England being particularly memorable events. Mike is currently a senior hydrologist advising on the development of the Environment Agency’s fluvial flood forecasting capability.

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