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Free to attend

Hosted by BeFloodReady, CIWEM's Community of Practice for Property Flood Resilience 

Event description

During the winter we’ve seen the devastating impact of flooding on communities, property, and more importantly people.

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) is increasingly being used by households and businesses to reduce the risk of flooding occurring and the resultant damage if water enters a property. However, awareness and the uptake of PFR approaches remain low.

PFR is unique in terms of the interactions with people and reliance on individuals for operation and maintenance. The planning, design, and construction of PFR must be more collaborative than traditional flood defences as measures will be installed in and on the properties where people live, and/or work. The operation often requires manual deployment by those within the property and all PFR measures will need to be maintained to ensure they’re ready for their next use.

A key part of planning and designing PFR is for professionals to understand end users (i.e. property owners, occupants, and insurers) desires, budgets capabilities to deploy and maintain PFR measures.

This free webinar delivered by BeFloodReady, CIWEM’s Community of Practice for PFR will explore some of the benefits of PFR, the key interactions with people, behavioural aspects, and other important considerations for the design and delivery of PFR. It will be relevant to professionals managing flood risk, and those involved or interested in PFR delivery.

Part of the CIWEM Flood Adaption and Resilience series.

Register for 16 April 2024

Why attend the webinar

  • Better appreciate how PFR can reduce the impact of flooding for people and businesses.
  • Obtain an overview of behaviours and perceptions of PFR that influence uptake and usage.
  • Explore how local authorities can effectively deliver PFR and help overcome challenges of flood poverty.
  • Share some of the key differences of delivering PFR when compared to more traditional flood defences.
  • Understand how CIWEM and its BeFloodReady Community of Practice can support professionals and those interested in PFR delivery.


Chair's introduction
Fola Ogunyoye | TJAY Consultancy

People and PFR
Mary Long-Dhonau | FloodMary.com

Perceptions of PFR and how it influences take-up and use
Richard Taylor | The Environment Agency and Juliet DeLittle | The Environment Agency

Q&A Discussion

Delivering PFR and tackling flood poverty
Fran Comyn | Rochdale Borough Council and Paul O’Hare | Manchester Metropolitan University

Discussions on the differences of delivering PFR
Ricky House | Arcadis, Henry Lock | Arcadis, Rebecca Porter | Arcadis and Paul Shaffer | CIWEM

Q&A and discussion with all speaker

Introducing BeFloodReady, CIWEM’s Community of Practice on PFR
Paul Shaffer | CIWEM

Chair’s close
Fola Ogunyoye | TJAY Consultancy

Booking and joining information

This event is open to members and non-members of CIWEM.

This webinar will be hosted on the Zoom platform and will be recorded. Please note that registrations will close 24 hours before the event starts. If you have not registered before that time, unfortunately we cannot add you to the event. You will receive an email with joining instructions after you have successfully registered for the webinar and the registration has been approved by our team. If you have any questions about your booking or would like to cancel your attendance, please contact barbara.woods@ciwem.org.

Please make sure you add this event to your calendar, all you need to do is copy the body text of the joining instruction email, go to your Calendar, create a new calendar appointment, set the start and end date and time, paste the text and click the "Save & Close" button.

If you have any queries about this talk, please contact Paul Shaffer at paul.shaffer@ciwem.org.

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