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CIWEM to 2050 and beyond: lifelong multidisciplinary professional development

The physical, economic and professional worlds are changing rapidly and will continue to do so in the future. This will demand CIWEM members to have the flexibility to accumulate professional experience and embrace new ideas, technologies and ways of working throughout their working life so they are equipped to provide the multidisciplinary solutions needed to address the complex problems that lie ahead.

The imperative of professional competence will be ever present for our industry and our members, and will demand more intense interdisciplinary working, lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

We also recognise that perhaps the greatest changes will be experienced during the professional lives of our now more junior members – those whose careers will extend well into the middle of this century and possibly beyond: the newly qualified engineers, scientists and technicians of 2021 will likely finish their careers in a very different world to that we face now.

We must ask ourselves what can we as an institution, an industry, and as individuals can do to support and maintain those already in our sector, and to nurture the next generation of CIWEM professionals so they are ready to meet future challenges as they become the new leaders of our profession.

CIWEM invites you to join our 2021 virtual Presidential induction event. This year we welcome Professor Nicholas Howden as CIWEM’s 35th President, and Matthew Jack in the newly-created role and CIWEM’s first Junior President.

This event also serves as an opportunity to thank the 2020/21 President Niki Roach for the stellar work she has done and all that she has achieved as President. Niki will also be presenting the 2021 CIWEM President's award.



Join Nicholas, Matthew and our panel of experts and leaders in a discussion on the presidential theme followed by a Hopin enabled networking event for your chance to meet and discuss around these ideas.

Andy Dunn


Niki Roach

2020/21 CIWEM President

Nicholas Howden

2021/22 CIWEM President

Matthew Jack

2021/22 CIWEM Junior President

Zoe Haseman

Global Head of Sustainability at Jacobs

Des Thompson 

Principal Adviser on Biodiversity and Science, NatureScot

Elise Cartmell

Chief Scientist, Scottish Water

Ruth Barden

Director of Environmental Strategy, Wessex Water

Emily Clarke

Flood Partnerships Manager, Anglian Water Services


The event is open to both member and non-members of CIWEM. Please register using the form below or by accessing the event registration page.

15:00 – 15:12 | 2020-2021 Presidential Year Wrap Up + President’s Award (Andy Dunn & Niki Roach)

15:12 – 15:22 | Honorary Fellow Awards (Niki Roach & Nicholas Howden)

15:22 - 15:32 | 2021-2022 Presidential Introductions (Nicholas Howden & Matthew Jack)

15:32 – 15:35 | Speaker Panel Introduction (Nicholas Howden)

15:35 – 16:10 | Guest Speaker Talks (Speaking order: Zoe Haseman, Des Thompson, Elise Cartmell, Ruth Barden, Emily Clarke)

16:10 – 16:30 | Panel Q&A (Matthew Jack + all guest speakers)

16:30 – 17:00 | Virtual networking

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