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Hosted by CIWEM Water Resources Network, Arqiva, Artesia, and Frontier Economics

Event description

This event launches new research and features industry insights into unlocking the benefits of smart water metering.

New research from Frontier Economics and Artesia, commissioned by Arqiva, provides a cost benefit analysis and sets out the case for rolling out Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) compared to other forms of metering. This includes consideration of the benefits of each technology if climate change and demand growth are more severe than expected in the future. Further, this research explores the wider benefits water companies can gain from AMI smart metering, including: alignment with adaptive planning, meeting existing commitments to reduce consumption and leakage, developing a richer understanding and engagement with customers, supporting change in customers’ behaviours, and more.

The report provides recommendations for water companies and Ofwat as we enter the next price review (PR24) and Asset Management Plan period (AMP 8).

Featured speakers will include representatives from a number of water companies, Waterwise, MOSL, and Arqiva. They will provide insight into the experience of rolling out smart water metering networks and the value gained from smart water metering.

This event comes at an important time, as the water regulator Ofwat progresses with PR24 and as deadlines for net zero and water demand reductions move ever closer. The event will provide insights relevant to water companies, including individuals responsible for business and regulatory planning, water use and leakage reduction, customer engagement, and delivering net zero. The findings and real-life case studies presented will also be valuable to people interested in, and working towards, improved water resiliency and environmental goals across government, regulatory bodies, suppliers, and academia.

Part of the CIWEM Water Resources digital series.

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Introduction from the chair

Karma Loveday | Founder & Editor | The Water Report

Unlocking benefits through data and metering: a case for investment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) – new research by Frontier Economics & Artesia

Rob Francis | Co-head of the Water Practice | Frontier Economics

Dene Marshallsay | Founder, Director and Co-owner | Artesia

Perspectives from water companies

Doug Spencer | Head of Smart Metering | Anglian Water

Andrew Tucker | Water Demand Reduction Manager | Thames Water

Smart metering and the new UK water efficiency strategy

Nathan Richardson | Head of Strategy and Policy | Waterwise

Metering in the non-household market

Martin Hall | Programme Lead, Strategic Metering Review | MOSL

Results and learnings from the rollout of AMI

Peter Baker | Director of Smart Utility Networks | Arqiva


Wrap-up and conclusion from the chair

Karma Loveday | founder & Editor | The Water Report

About the speakers

Karma Loveday

Karma Loveday is the Founder and Editor of The Water Report, a publication providing in-depth coverage and analysis on policy, regulation, strategy and competition in the UK water industry. Karma is also Water Advisor to the Major Energy Users' Council, a membership body for industrial and commercial customers, and a non-executive director on the board of water efficiency specialist Waterwise.

Nathan Richardson

Nathan Richardson is Head of Strategy and Policy at Waterwise, the UK's leading water efficiency NGO. He has over 30 years’ experience in the water sector working in academia, for the water industry, in consultancy and for NGOs.

Dene Marshallsay

Dene Marshallsay is a Founder, Director and Co-owner of Artesia. He is a leading expert in the management and analysis of water use and leakage and applies nearly 30-years of experience to the water management challenges we face today.

Doug Spencer

Doug Spencer is Head of Smart Metering for Anglian Water where he has worked for over 30 years, primarily on water distribution: quality, leakage and water use monitoring and analysis. Over the last 6 years he has led the programme to take Anglian from proof of concept to company-wide rollout of AMI.

Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker is the Water Demand Reduction Manager at Thames Water and is responsible for strategic direction of water savings through metering, water efficiency and customer engagement. He was previously Thames Water’s Head of Water Efficiency. Previously Andrew has been the Water Strategy Manager for the Energy Savings Trust; Principal Policy Officer for Climate Adaption and the Manager of the London Climate Change Partnership at the Greater London Authority, and worked in the Australian mining industry as an Environmental Adviser, within coal and base metal mining and processing operations.

Peter Baker

Peter Baker is the Director of Smart Utility Networks at Arqiva, where he helps customers realise the benefits of smart metering strategies with innovation and market leading deployments. He will discuss how an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) approach delivers the best investment case for meeting leakage and consumption reduction through high quality and reliable data provision.

Rob Francis

Rob Francis is Co-head of the Water Practice at Frontier Economics with over 25 years’ experience as a professional economist. He is a specialist in the economic regulation of network utilities and his clients have included Defra, Ofwat and the Environment Agency, as well as many of the water companies in the UK.

Martin Hall

Martin Hall is an experienced water industry specialist and has recently focused on the implementation of smart metering. In the past he has worked for consultancies, water companies and now the market operator. Martin previously worked for Thames Water, where he provided a key role in the procurement of its smart metering solution and project managed the initial role out of the technology. He now is a Market Improvement Lead at MOSL, acting as their ‘metering guru’.

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