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Underpinning decisions with data and modelling – getting it right 

Modelling – Understanding opportunities, risks, their mitigation and stakeholder expectations

Understanding the purpose, potential benefits and pitfalls of data management and modelling tools is fundamental to those working in urban drainage. With growing requirements to manage Combined Sewer Overflows, sewer/network capacity, flooding and overall river health while providing greater transparency it is important to understand how data and models can be effectively used.

Managing data, information and modelling is integral to informing investment decisions at all levels and stages of the project life cycle from business planning to detailed design. These are often desired skills for those involved in modelling, design, asset management and compliance in water companies, local authorities, regulators, consultants and other parts of the supply chain.

An understanding and application of appropriate and proportionate modelling approaches with the ability to provide assurances they are suitable for their intended is vital. The evolution of drainage and sewerage planning, the use of big data and transition to Nature-Based Solutions highlight the need for broader competencies and capacity in urban drainage modelling.

This interactive training day (split over two half days) provides an opportunity for those involved in managing data and modelling to explore the application, suitability, risks and their mitigation for different modelling approaches. It will also enable early career professionals to engage with, and learn from, their peers and experienced professionals in their sector.

If you have any queries about this training, please contact our Learning & Development team at learning@ciwem.org.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will…

  • Appreciate the value and requirements of effective data management and modelling.
  • Understand how to quantify, communicate and manage uncertainty and risks as part of scoping, building and using models.
  • Improve knowledge and confidence to engage with different stakeholders on the use case, benefits and limitations of different modelling approaches.

Delivery of the training days will be through a mixture of sponsored regional, in-person hubs and online using zoom.

The first round of learning hubs have been released!

Our face-to-face learning hubs are hosted by CIWEM friends and our Urban Drainage Group. Discussions will take place in person alongside the virtual presentations, and if you're lucky, some of the presentations may even take place at your site.


Day one

  • The opportunity and challenge for data management and modelling
  • Understand the different applications of data management and modelling (from different perspectives)
  • Workshop: choosing the right tools for the job (appropriate and proportionate modelling tools)

Day two

  • Understanding and managing uncertainty and risks
  • Workshop: Identifying areas of uncertainty and risks (acceptable and unacceptable risks)
  • Workshop: Review of a case study and application of good practice

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