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Rewilding in Britain is gaining momentum — white storks have returned and are breeding in Sussex, pine martens are breeding in England and Wales, white tailed eagles have been reintroduced to Scotland and England. Rewilding is being debated within parliament. All are massive achievements, but nature in the UK is still faring worse than in most other countries.

Rewilding Britain’s are facilitating the new Rewilding Network, which provides practical guidance and shared learning to support rewilding. The Network aims to upscale the area of rewilding by at least 120,000 hectares across Britain by 2022 and in doing so, tackle the climate emergency and extinction crisis, reconnect people with the natural world and inspire individuals and communities through new thriving opportunities.

The talk itself will provide an overview of the Network at the national level, including examples of rewilding across Britain. It will then highlight the role of local groups and provide examples here in the South West. It is aimed at all irrespective of their background and will present a compelling vision and importantly how the Network is delivering practical steps towards nature recovery.

Part of the CIWEM Land and Water Management Ecosystem Restoration digital series.

Register for 27 May 2021

About the speaker

Sara King

Sara King is the Rewilding Network Lead at Rewilding Britain. She is spearheading the development and project management of the Network using her over 10 years industry experience as an ecologist. Her background spans rewilding, biodiversity monitoring and assessment, species reintroductions, land management and restoration plans. Specific projects have included beaver reintroductions and rewilding in the South West to show the benefit of this ecosystem engineer.

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If you have any queries about this talk, please contact Naresh Patel at naresh.patel@aquaconsultants.com.

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