UDG Virtual Annual Conference and Expo 2021

CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Group continues its long tradition of hosting its annual conference in the autumn as the culmination of a year of highly regarded virtual events across the whole industry, attracting speakers and delegates both nationally and internationally.

With the upcoming COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this Autumn and the continuing development of Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans in mind, our theme centres around our response to quantifying and more importantly managing Climate Change and adapting our solutions to be both resilient and meet Net Zero challenges related to urban drainage management.

This autumn we are again hosting a virtual technical conference, building on the success of last year and our attendance at the recent CIWEM Flood & Coast event, we will be providing an experience as closely matched to our traditional physical event as possible.

We recognise how our community values getting together and sharing its ideas on best practice, innovation and partnership working in urban drainage and will be delivering a packed agenda of CPD-accredited panel sessions, technical papers, panel discussion, and, returning this year, workshops. In addition, we will be hosting a virtual exhibition to enable our sponsors and delegates to interact and share the experience.

We are pleased to announce that this year's conference will take place on the Hopin platform. The platform is designed to feel like an in-person event — not only will delegates be able to interact with speakers through the live Q&A and sessions but with fellow delegates, too. As a delegate you will be able to take part in group work, share your views through the chat, take part in speed-networking and arrange meetings with fellow delegates. We hope you will enjoy this new platform but most importantly, we hope you enjoy the content.

The conference will include the award of the WaPUG Prize 2021.


Call for papers

Here is an opportunity for you to get involved in the technical conference.

To help CIWEM develop a compelling and diverse programme we want to hear about your conference paper/presentation proposals.

Please see the attached pdf document for details of the topics being covered and about how to prepare and submit an abstract.

Email your abstract(s) to jonathan.cutting@wsp.com before 5:00 pm on Friday 17 September 2021.

Prices and sponsorship enquiries

Prices (inclusive of local taxes, where applicable):

For sponsorship enquiries, please email events@ciwem.org


UDG Annual Conference Programme

Please click on the + for more details about our programme and speakers.

Further details will be available soon

Further details will be available soon

Further details will be available soon

Why attend?

  • Join CPD-accredited panel sessions and live presentations with recognised industry leaders
  • Discuss the latest industry developments
  • Meet and interact with speakers, exhibitors and delegates
  • Participate in group workshops and discussions
  • Speed-network and arrange meetings with new colleagues

Our previous sponsors:

Richard Allitt Associates Ltd has been providing expert urban drainage solutions since 1996. With headquarters in Sussex, the company opened a regional office in Altrincham in 2019. Offering specialist hydraulic modelling services, RAA has established itself as a leader in integrated catchment modelling and has been appointed by CIWEM and the Environment Agency to lead the update of the industry guidance on Integrated Urban Drainage.

As well as flood risk solutions, RAA also have an aerial survey division. Remote Aerial Surveys have been operating across multiple sectors including Water, Environment, Rail and Construction since 2014 offering high-quality, cost-effective survey, inspection, mapping and 3d modelling services.

Access our company video to learn more about us.

RPS is a leading global professional services firm. We define, design and manage projects that create shared value to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world. We work across six sectors: property, energy, transport, water, resources, defence and government services.

In the water sector we are proud to work with most of the water companies in England along with Welsh Water, Scottish Water, Irish Water and Northern Ireland Water.

We stand out for our clients by using deep expertise to solve problems that matter, making them easy to understand and by being easy to work with.

Read our brochure or access our Waternet Pro video to learn more about us.

GreenBlue Urban is the global leading solutions provider in assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces. For over 30 years GreenBlue has drastically improved urban planting success and increased leaf canopy across the world.

Supported by their mission to enable sustainable cities through green and blue infrastructure, GreenBlue work alongside SUDS industry leaders to enable award winning projects with proven facts on reducing flow rates and improving water quality.

Innovative solutions and in-house expertise using the latest technologies will meet your needs to assist with the design and planning of stormwater solutions.

BMT is the specialist environmental consultancy behind the world-renowned software suite, TUFLOW, developed with a variety of 1D, 2D and 3D solvers for a range of applications including urban drainage. User driven development is at the heart of what we do and has led to the development of a range of sophisticated tools to simulate urban flooding as well as storm overflows and impacts upon water quality in receiving waters.

BMT work collaboratively with clients to provide clarity from complexity and are well experienced in the application of TUFLOW tools to solve intricate problems for global water utilities and government organisations.

Access our brochures and learn more about us.

Innovyze is a global leader in building innovative, industry-leading software for the water industry for over 35 years; serving thousands of clients including the largest utilities, ENR design firms, consultancies and refining plants around the world.

With unparalleled global expertise, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class AI & operational analytics, Asset Management, Drainage Design, Water Distribution, Stormwater, Sewer, and Flood Modelling solutions empower thousands of engineers to competitively plan, design, and manage, highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems that provide an enduring platform for customer success.

Access our brochure and learn more about us.

Intertek's Energy and Water Team secures compliance, reduces cost and manages risk for our clients by helping them optimise asset performance from feasibility to decommissioning. We help water utilities and regulators understand the environmental impacts on aquatic systems -rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and coastal waters. We provide our clients with information and analysis that allows for targeted investment and safe and compliant delivery.

We have developed industry-leading tools and offer a range of services including integrated environmental modelling, compliance assessments, surveys, monitoring and laboratory water services that deliver measurable benefits to regulatory, environmental and engineering constraint challenges.

Have a look at our brochure to learn more about us.

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