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Becoming a Chartered Member

Becoming chartered with us demonstrates that you are a leader in the water and environment profession. Showcase your experience and skills to the sector with this gold standard qualification, which will set you above your peers.

To qualify for chartered membership you will need an Honour's degree (or equivalent), depending on the registration that you are applying for. You will also need a sufficient amount of industry experience. There is no defined minimum amount of time over which this can be attained, but typically professionals with less than four years' experience are unlikely to have attained the necessary levels of experience. Using the experience that you have accumulated throughout your career, you will need to demonstrate 14 mandatory competences.

You can find some application guidance here.

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Chartered Water and Environmental Manager C.WEM

The Chartered Water and Environmental Manager qualification (C.WEM) is the ultimate demonstration of your skill and technical excellence in the field of water and environmental management.

It is bespoke for those who have chosen a career path in the environment and water sector and it recognises the specialist skills that you have attained. This provides the assurances sought by employers, clients, peers and the public of that you will provide the highest of professional standards.

Around the world, people face new and challenging water and environmental problems every day. C.WEM is a specialised grade of membership which demonstrates your skills as an experienced professional, and one that will always be relevant and in demand. C.WEM will expand the horizons and opportunities you have to participate in solving these challenges.

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Why become a Chartered Member?

Professional Recognition

Enhance your career prospects through professional recognition of your qualifications.

Broadening Qualities

Participate in our Committees and Boards and gain opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the Institution.

Local Networking

Local points of contact and events for you to get involved in, wherever you are in the world.

Public Outreach

Engage with our activities in policy, and awards to inspire future generations and inform the global public.

Learning and Development

CPD training and events which provide professionally-recognised training, and helps you develop both knowledge and experiences.


Always be kept up to date with the latest best-practice through our member's magazine, policy documents and technical journal.

External Registrations

When you become a member of CIWEM, providing you have a Masters degree, you also have the opportunity to register for 3 additional professional registrations, which can be done all in the same application, these are:

How much does a Chartered Membership cost?

There is an application fee of £151 (£101 if your organisation is a Corporate Member).

Existing CIWEM members will not be required to pay this application fee, just a transfer fee of £50.

All Chartered Member candidates will have a Professional Interview costing £195.

The annual membership fee is £281, plus external registration fees as appropriate.

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