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We are excited to inform you about the new CIWEM Early Careers Network, a platform for our members who are new to the water and environment industry. Our mission is to connect a diverse pool of water and environment professionals starting out in their careers, typically those who have been in the sector for under five years. The aims of the group are to facilitate a platform of collaboration for networking, career development and most importantly, building the global CIWEM community.

We look forward to joining you on your career journey, whether you're a Student or have been working for up to five years, any member starting out in the industry is welcome!

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Meet the Steering Group

The Early Careers Network has now launched a steering group of 14 enthusiastic early-careers CIWEM members, ambassadors for CIWEM to champion our work and membership and lead the network’s strategic direction.

The steering group aims to identify and combat challenges that face early-career professionals; empowerment in the workplace, visibility, wellbeing and access to opportunities. We are planning a programme to address these themes, including opportunities for networking, mentoring, developing soft skills and support through applying for chartership.

The steering group will lead the strategic direction of the group and will responsible for organising networking events, webinars and workshops beneficial to CIWEM members at the early stages of their careers. Applications for the steering group are now closed and we are really excited to announce this over the next few weeks!

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What is chartership, what are the benefits, and how can I get started?

We held a webinar explaining the benefits of chartership with CIWEM and how to complete your application.

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We run a range of workshops, socials and networking events internationally. Most of our events will have an option to dial-in so you can connect with us wherever you are in the world.

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