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At CIWEM we champion highly qualified water and environmental managers, engineers and scientists who are recognised throughout the world for their professional expertise and conduct.

Our members are drawn from a diverse range of sectors across all aspects of water and environmental management in over 90 countries. This page provides an insight to their careers, membership journies and advice for prospective applicants.

Meet Priscilla Haselhurst MCIWEM C.WEM IEng, clerk and engineer at Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board.

Priscilla has 18 years of experience in flood risk and works with local authorities, landowners and other stakeholders to manage water levels, reduce flood risk, manage assets, and seek opportunities for environmental enhancement.

"I have been a supporter of CIWEM since I started my career at the Environment Agency in 2004. Gaining Chartership through them was the natural next step to complement my experience and academic qualifications."

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Meet Chiranjeevi Sai Chaitanya Motireddy MCIWEM C.WEM, group engineer at Atkins.

Chiranjeevi has nine years of experience in wastewater, water and storm water systems and is currently involved with reducing the current and future wastewater network related risks for catchments in the UK and Ireland.

"Growth and climate change are having an increasing pressure on sewer networks, which will potentially lead to flooding and increased pollution. There is a lot being done to offset the damage, however creating awareness of a sustainable environment is another challenge that we face in the sector".

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Meet Youvrani Thimmegowda MCIWEM C.WEM, senior engineer at Atkins.

Youvrani has fifteen years in wastewater, stormwater and rainwater systems design and leads the WelshWater Storm Overflow Assessment Framework (SOAF) from India.

"As an environmental engineer, I work on projects which get to the root cause and mitigate issues like flooding and storm overflows. The challenge is deciding on the most sustainable and cost beneficial option. Another major challenge is incorporating climate change into our work, whilst reducing carbon emissions and improving ecosystem and public health".

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Meet Dr Monica Rivas Casado FCIWEM C.WEM CEng, reader in Environmental Systems Engineering at Cranfield University.

Monica has fifteen years of experience in the environment sector and currently leads and delivers multiple research projects, primarily looking at how we can use emerging technologies for good.

"Over the last two decades, I have consciously contributed to addressing environmental challenges, from catchment management to greenhouse gas emissions, through a wide range of research projects. I have worked with organisations in the private, public and third sector on their priority environmental challenges to better understand the issues and devise and develop appropriate solutions".

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Meet Dr Eldos Then MCIWEM C.WEM, asset manager at Affinity Water.

"With climate change and living in an area that is classified as water stressed by the Environment Agency, I am inspired to contribute to the reduction of water abstraction through innovative ways to reduce leakage and water consumption, so the environment is more sustainable for future generations".

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Meet Peter Rook MCIWEM C.WEM, chartered senior analyst at JBA Consulting.

Peter has worked in flood risk management for 5 years and has recently been awarded as a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (2022).

"It is evident that climate change is one of the most significant issues of the 21st century... The work I do makes a difference and has real world implications."

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Meet Divesh Mistry, MCIWEM C.WEM, senior hydrologist for Tonkin and Taylor in Auckland, New Zealand.

In his current role, Divesh works on projects including natural hazard management and planning, flood impact assessments and modelling studies.

"I continue to be inspired by the profound positive impact good decisions can have for the environment and society. Addressing the climate crisis, by being involved in tough decision-making is highly rewarding. Creating tangible beneficial outcomes such as new habitat, improved water quality and safeguarding water supplies inspires me daily."

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Oliver Grievson is a CIWEM Fellow who has been a member of CIWEM for 23 years. As a technical expert and consultant he supports clients with a whole range of challenges at both a strategic and operational level.

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Archie Ruggles-Brise MCIWEM C.WEM is an Estate Manager, his role covers land management, woodland management, property management, a natural flood management project involving beavers, water quality and quality monitoring through research partnerships and volunteers surveyors in addition to eco-tourism activities and consultancy on Natural Capital.

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Rebecca Alexandre MCIWEM C.WEM CSci is a Flood and Environment Consultant who specialises in creating flood data for global re/insurance use.

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John Shanks MCIWEM C.WEM IEng is a Project Manager who works within the utilities sector to deliver clean water infrastructure capital programmes.

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Godrey Mchunguzi Oyema MCIWEM C.WEM recently became chartered with CIWEM, they were inspired towards a career in this sector from a desire to work on finding solutions to tackle environmental problems by developing workable solutions.

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Tracey Dunford MCIWEM C.WEM CEnv CSci is a lead specialist and expert for Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru / Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on Water Resources planning and managing the preparation of NRW policy, programmes, plans, strategies and guidance.

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Naresh Patel is an environment and sustainability scientist with a varied role within consultancy. Naresh was inspired their MSc in Aquatic Resource Mangement at King's College London towards a career in this sector.

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Kate Marks C.WEM FCIWEM CEnv CSci leads the Digital Services team, a part of Incident Management & Resilience in the Environment Agency. The team is responsible for designing, developing and continuously improving the flood forecasting and warning systems used to provide information to our partners and the public, and our situational awareness systems that support our incident planning and response, including logistics tools, and incident reporting and tracking systems used by our duty officers and incident rooms.

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When you become a Chartered member of CIWEM, providing you have the required qualifications and experience, you also have the opportunity to register with three additional professional bodies. These are: the Engineering Council, the Society for the Environment and the Science Council.

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