Tracey Dunford MCIWEM C.WEM CEnv CSci

How long have you been a member of CIWEM?

13 years.

What does being a member of CIWEM mean to you?

It provides a wealth of continued up-to-date learning within environment and water (and beyond). It also provides an unique opportunity to connect virtually or in person with your colleagues and peers from across the UK and internationally. The local branch events and panels are particularly useful for being part of community beyond the day job.

What advice would you give to anyone considering starting out on the application process?

When deciding what level of membership you like to apply for, take stock of your experience to date? Ask yourselve if this is right level of memberrship for you and what charterships like to apply for. Then take the time to review your experience against relevant competencies, and work out if you are ready. Remember there no set timescales to rush to complete the process. Take the time that you need to fill out application, chat through these process with a mentor and for those areas you are unsure of, ask team leader for opportunties to do this within your organisation. Once you feel ready, go for it!

How do you think your membership/professional registration will support you in your career?

Yes and it has done so far! Various grades in work require professional memebrship and we fully support the application process as an organisation.

Please describe your job role and day to day activities that your job entails?

Lead specialist and expert for NRW on Water Resources planning and managing the preparation of NRW policy, programmes, plans, strategies and guidance. This will translate Welsh & UK Government policy into practical approaches to the point of delivery. I also work with colleagues from other teams across NRW and Operations, officials from WG and sector representatives. Key work areas are as follows: • Lead and project manage specific and complex issues that require development of NRW policies, strategies, plans, programmes including support on casework that is novel, contentious or of high public interest; • Provide statutory advice to WG and other bodies in Wales and the UK as appropriate on strategic water resources planning issues, and in-turn review and advise on the produced policy, plans and strategies. • Retain ownership and oversight of Water Resources policy area (mainly WRMPs and drought planning_ to ensure integrity of NRW approaches with Welsh Government, Central Government and EU Policy intent; • Advise on evidence needs and opportunities and project manage agreed evidence projects, in line with the agreed evidence programme; • Maintain a detailed working knowledge of the assigned sector(s) identifying the implications of legislative, technology and market changes for Natural Resources Wales and the sector(s). • Contribute to task and finish groups, commissioned through the Business Boards, to prepare defined products as required; • Steer the overview and ownership of engagement with Welsh Government on the specific policy areas related to Water Resources.

What inspired you towards a career in this sector?

I started off in geography and whilst volunteered for local environment centre, knew I wanted to pursue a career in environment/water sector. I have been in sector for over 20 years now and specialist within my field.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Being promoted to lead specialist, esp enjoy leading on drought management in Wales and representing us at UK wide events.

What do you see as the biggest changes facing the sector over the next 10 years?

Population growth, delivering Welsh policy, Climate and nature emergency, achieving resilience to more challenging droughts. Discussing potential water trading requirements across UK.

Correct as of July 2020.

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