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Becoming a student member

As a student, you want to gain the most from your studies, attain the highest grades and be attractive to employers. We will connect you to a network of knowledge and people including employers. We will support the development of the skills and qualities required by the contemporary employment market and provide opportunities to showcase your talents. This will enable you to stand above your peers. You will also gain opportunities to expand your professional network through participation in branch activities and events. Student membership is available to any applicant who is currently enrolled in full time or part time study.

How to join

To become a student member, you just need to create an online CIWEM account and fill out an online application. Student members do not require any sponsors, please enter n/a into the sponsor fields in your application.

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Why become a student member?


Kick start your professional development and demonstrate your interest in water and the environment.


Always be kept up to date with the latest best-practice and knowledge through our member's magazine, policy documents and technical journal.

Local networking

Build you professional network through our free events and local branches

Professional recognition

Enhance your career prospects through professional recognition of your qualifications.

Get involved with our Young Professionals/Early Careers Group

Find out more about our Early Careers Group.

It is open to all our members who are new to/ who have less than 6 years experience in the water and environment sector.

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How much does a Student Membership cost?

Student membership is complimentary for those in full or part-time study

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