Faiths and the Environment Network

Engaging with faith groups was number 2 in the mix of political, technological, philosophical, social and domestic ” Top 50 ways to save the planet” compiled by the Environment Agency in 2008. CIWEM’s Faith and Environment Network (FEN) was set up in early 2009 to put belief systems at the heart of environmental policy and action.

The FEN has a Steering Group which directs its outputs. The steering group is representative of the major world faiths and denominations. The steering group is chaired by Geoff Bateman, a Past-President of CIWEM.

The steering group meets several times a year and the wider network corresponds by email. The wider network is open to all suitably interested individuals. For more information on joining the network or to apply to join the steering group please contact Alastair Chisholm.

Role of the FEN

  • Help CIWEM realise and communicate its Vision of putting faith(s) and belief systems at the heart of environmental policy and practice for the public benefit.
  • Advise the Institution on appropriate policies, strategies and plans that will integrate faiths and belief systems into the activities of the Institution and the wider environmental community.
  • Support and advise on the development and implementation of a CIWEM faiths and environment programme.

Faith and Environment Digest

The FEN has published a Faith and Environment Digest which features statements on the scriptures, teachings, and traditions on the views of nature from each of the major faiths. The digest is an interesting resource to help those from outside the faiths (and those from different faiths) understand the differences and similarities on their links with the environment. The digest features the faiths of Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, and Sikhism.

Faith and Environment films

View Nurture in His Name The first two films of a series aimed at helping clergy and congregations to understand practical steps that they can take – and the theological reasons why they should – to be good environmental managers of their buildings and land. The film is produced by Mary Colwell and David Shreeve of the FEN steering group.

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