Natural Capital Network

Role and remit

Natural capital is the land, air, water, living organisms and geological materials, forms and processes that, globally, provide us with ecosystem goods and services imperative for survival and well being.

Our Natural Capital Network (NCN) provides CIWEM with an ability to pool expert knowledge and have a powerful and influential voice on natural capital issues, with a wide-ranging international audience. It provides a home to a diverse range of technical areas within the Institution (including themes such as biodiversity, landscape, soils, human interactions with the environment, ecosystem services, catchment based approach and sustainability), and how best to deliver integrated land and water management in practice.

Membership of the network is a great way to keep in touch with CIWEM’s work on natural environment issues. If you have natural capital as an element of your work, are interested in natural environment issues and wish to keep abreast of these topics please email Alastair Chisholm to join the network.

Key areas of work

NCN works to promote an integrated approach to environmental management, reflecting that complex natural systems need to be managed in a balanced way to maximise the multiple benefits that can be achieved through good planning and design and the correct use of scientific knowledge and best practice (e.g. the ecosystem services approach, catchment based approach, aspirations of the Water Framework Directive, sustainable drainage (SuDS) and green infrastructure).

Please see the Natural Environment page for more details of CIWEM’s work in this area.

Specialist Panel

The NCN’s Specialist Panel co-ordinates the work of the network as a whole. It meets regularly to approve key decisions, provide the opportunity for group discussion, plan the next term of work and react to emerging issues. Members are requested to engage and contribute via email between meetings to provide input and advice to policy proposals.

The Specialist Panel is focused on developing policy outputs (e.g. policy statements, best practice guidance, consultation responses, summaries of latest trends, policy, legislation and research, seminars and conferences) and will make sure this material is accessible to a broad audience.

If you would be interested in joining CIWEM’s Natural Capital Specialist Panel and contributing to our work on this highly important and current issue we would be delighted to hear from you. Participation will also contribute to your CPD. If you would like to apply to be a member of the Specialist Panel please email a copy of your latest CV to

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