Welcome new members to CIWEM's Board of Trustees

CIWEM is delighted to welcome four new trustees this year, and to formally transfer Matthew Jack from his early-career position on the board.

Peter Brooks has been a pioneer for CIWEM in New Zealand, in growing the institution’s membership in the region and working to formally establish the NZ branch. Brooks has had an extensive career in the water and environmental sectors and is passionate about creating opportunities to recruit and develop the next generation of engineers and environmentalists.

Nicky Cunningham manages University of Exeter’s Centre for Resilience in the Environment, Water and Waste. Her work supports research, innovation and learning collaborations with external partners in the water and waste sectors. She has also worked to scale up CIWEM learning and development, including our circular economy programme.

John Curtin is the Environment Agency’s executive director of flood and coastal risk management. He has held several strategic and operational roles, including director of incident management and resilience and area manager for the East Midlands. A hydrologist by training, Curtin started his career in water-resource planning and flood-forecast modelling. This year, he supported the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) team. Curtin is an honorary fellow of CIWEM.

Nicholas Howden is associate professor in water and environmental engineering at the University of Bristol and its graduate dean and faculty graduate education director for engineering. Howden’s research has focused on the drivers of change in the quantity and quality of surface and groundwater over time. He has been a Fellow of CIWEM since 2016, and has chaired the institution’s Accreditation Board from 2019-2020.

Matthew Jack, our 2019-2020 early career professional member, is changing roles to CIWEM trustee. A European operating unit quality manager at Jacobs, Jack has worked across multiple disciplines managing projects in water quality, water supply, wastewater treatment and flooding. Jack was named CIWEM Young Environmentalist of the Year in 2017. He has also served as project manager and fundraising lead on an Engineers for Overseas Development charity construction project in Uganda.

We are equally delighted to welcome new Early Career Professionals:

Sian Leake | Sian is an Environmental Scientist at Arup with a focus on the aquatic environment. She has a multi-disciplinary background which has exposed her to a range of development planning projects across the United Kingdom.

Emily Shipton | Emily is a Modelling and Forecasting Advisor at the Environment Agency. She has been a Flood Risk Professional in the field of hydraulic modelling for 4 years.

Look out for the October issue of The Environment magazine for more news of CIWEM trustees.

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