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2050 net zero and adapting for 1.5C global heating isn’t enough: CIWEM declares climate and ecological emergency

 2050 net zero and adapting for 1.5oC global heating isn’t enough: CIWEM declares climate and ecological emergency

Trustees of CIWEM formally declared a climate and ecological emergency at the organisation’s annual general meeting on Thursday and pledged ambitious action to achieve net zero emissions within the organisation by 2030.

As the government’s independent climate advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, warned on Wednesday that England is off-track to meet its emissions reduction targets and is unprepared for the impacts of a hotter world, CIWEM pledged to mobilise its members to become climate champions.

With over 10,000 experts on flooding, coastal change, drought and managing the natural environment around the world, CIWEM is uniquely placed to mobilise those with many of the answers to the urgent challenges posed by the climate and ecological emergency.

Chief Executive Terry Fuller said: “The government’s advisers have spelled it out: despite pledges on net zero, action isn’t matching ambition. We recognise that achieving net zero by 2050 domestically won’t avert the kind of disastrous global heating projected under current trends. That’s why we’re setting a net zero target of 2030 for our own organisation and will be developing a detailed action plan in the coming months to achieve it and make sure we lead from the front, including strong advocacy internationally through our overseas members.”

Fuller continued: “Our members are particularly skilled on adaptation and resilience. We can plan, adapt and build resilience to a 4oC hotter world, though we must do everything to avert it in the first place. We know how to do this, and we’ll be working with everyone from government to the public to ensure difficult choices aren’t ducked and ambition is translated into real action on the ground.”

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