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Launch of the CIWEM Mentor Platform

CIWEM recognises the value and benefit having a committed mentor can bring, that is why our member Mentor Platform helps you to not only take the first steps to find a mentor with this skills and expertise you are looking for but brings together a cohort of volunteer mentors from across the CIWEM Membership.

Our newly launched mentor platform will help members to upskill themselves, providing an ideal shop window to find a mentor or mentee who shares your interests, stimulates your personal and professional development, helps guide you through the application process and ensure you both get the very best out of the relationship.

During the mentoring process the mentor shares their personal skills, knowledge and experience with the mentee to enable him or her to explore their personal and professional situation. It is a two-way process in which the mentor and mentee work together to set and achieve predetermined goals and objectives.

We believe in the powerful impact mentoring can have on an individual’s professional growth. Everyone has something to give, and everyone has something to learn. We hope this platform will enable you to reach your full potential and our experienced members share the skills and experience they have gained throughout their careers.

This platform is exclusively open to all active CIWEM Members to join as both a mentor or a mentee, simply click here to find out more.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor, the CIWEM Professional Mentor Training Programme will teach you the skills, behaviours and techniques needed to be a mentor of the highest professional standard. Find out more here.

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