You know when you read something and your spine tingles? Get ready for that magic! This issue is brought to you from young people across the globe and it will light you up. They are informed, inspiring and determined. A fresh perspective is what we need sometimes, and there is no better way to get that than to turn to the youth of today.

With both the UN climate change COP26 and COP15 to the Convention on Biological Diversity coming up as potential turning points in the climate and nature narrative, the articles in this issue show that the youth are on the pulse and putting pressure on leaders for an ambitious and just transition, ASAP! From rewilding and stopping fossil fuel subsidisation, to listening to community at all levels and nurturing connections to the natural world, there are solutions in every article.

Young people understand how important it is to both protect and reconnect with our planet. Nazanin Jahanshahi reminds us that not seeing wildlife or the night sky can make us forget “our place in the universe” and that our connection to the world is crucial in the fight against the climate and nature emergencies.

This issue shows that young people have wisdom on the topics of climate and ecology way beyond their years. And even better, they are self-motivated to take positive personal and community based action. In this issue you can see great examples on addressing plastic pollution, nature recovery and rewriting regulation.

Youth involvement in discussions and decisions making, along with every other level of community, can provide so much value and create more meaningful change. As Melati Wijsen says, “the time for inspiration only is over. Involving young people only at a celebratory stage will not work anymore. We want to be there all the way through – from brainstorming to implementation”.

If you’re an early career professional in the environment sector we would love for you to join CIWEM’s Early Careers Network so that we can continue the conversation and integrate youth and fresh perspectives into all of our work.

If you’re an experienced hand, we invite you to do everything in your power to listen to, amplify and provide platforms for young voices.

No one is too young to learn from.

Chloe Goode (guest youth editor)

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