Planet Possible season 4 finale - Valuing our Land & Sustainability at Spains Hall

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For the season 4 finale of CIWEM’s podcast Planet Possible, host Niki Roach is joined by CIWEM's Director of Policy Al Chisholm, as they hear from Archie Ruggles-Brise about his innovative and sustainable approach to land, water, and environmental management.

The management of Spains Hall, a rural estate in North Essex, stands out from many others due to its unique approach in addressing climate change. This includes the introduction of beavers, leaky dams, and seasonal agroforestry. The episode discusses the connection between land, water and food production and in practice what alternative approaches can be deployed to enable a more sustainable future.

"I have a responsibility to try and make sure this business and this land can still be productive in a hundred years' time. At some point you have to go, no I'm going to do something differently." Commented Archie.

Season 4 has been a wonderful season, featuring many positive stories that are paving the way for planetary and societal change. Listen to all episodes on all major streaming platforms and on the Planet Possible website.

Season 4

Earlier in the season we featured guests such as Chair of Natural England Tony Juniper and Rewilding Britain’s Sara King to discuss the urgent need for climate action and sustainability. The episode delved into re-wilding, nature recovery and what integration with nature means in practice.

Niki was joined in episode 2 by co-host former Shadow Environment Minister, Alex Sobel MP. He and Niki explored how the UK government plan for future generations in the context of climate change and sustainability. They were also joined by Sophie Howe, the first Welsh Future Generations Commissioner, to discuss how to ensure a sustainable and thriving future.

What does it take to make a step change to the water environment? This was the question answered by episode 3’s guest Paddy Brow, Head of the Living with Water programme for Wastewater Treatment. Together he and Niki discussed how to tackle significant pollution challenges in Belfast – joined by co-host Lee Pitcher from Yorkshire Water.

Mentors, friends, and allies was the focus of episode 4. Join Niki in conversation with Hannah Coogan, Emma Sherburn and Clare Rodgers as they celebrated their mentors, friends and allies. The episode passed them the Planet Possible ‘magic wand’ to see what they’d want to make possible.

What is the business of climate of change? Episode 5 explored the legacy of COP27 and what actions government and business need to take to increase societies’ resilience to climate change. Niki was joined by co-host Susan Stockwell, Managing Director at Skewb Green as the pair interviewed the Rt. Hon John Gummer, Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change and formerly the longest serving Secretary of State for the Environment for UK (1993-97).

Thank you to all our guests who joined us for season 4, and for all our listeners for contributing to the message. This season of the podcast has explored what's possible with practitioners and individuals working on big issues like resilience to climate change and enhancing our natural environment.

Everything is connected. Thank you for the following the series as we continue to explore those connections and discover what's really possible for our planet.

Planet Possible season 4 is sponsored by Skewb.

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