Managed Realignment

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Taking Managed Realignment Forward as a Policy Option for Coastal Management in England and Wales

Planning and investing in environmental solutions now for gains made (or losses averted) beyond the next political cycle has never been a decision that governments have taken readily or a concept that sits well with our national psyche.

But that is exactly what is required if we are to adapt to the environment that climate change is likely to hand us within the next 100 years.

Climate change hits vulnerable groups hardest and coastal communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, in particular sea level rise and the increasing risk of flooding and coastal erosion. We need to develop adaptable and sustainable coastal management policies which help coastal communities to manage their risk. Reaching agreement will be difficult because complicated issues like social justice are involved. What is clear, however, is that the financial, social and environmental consequences of business as usual means it is not an option.

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