Policy focus: integrated land and water management

As our 2020/21 President Niki Roach would say, "everything is connected". At CIWEM we take a systems view to environmental management, considering all the different elements and the ways they interact.

This web page acts as a repository for our policy work relating to land and its sustainable management to support the wider environment.

Our central policy work and events on sustainable land management are supported by our natural capital specialist panel and network and our water resources specialist panel. Our branches also run excellent events on a range of topics, including in this area.

25 Year Environment Plan: ambition to realisation

In this report we thoroughly reviewed existing delivery efforts, explored the barriers bodies face and produced a set of six recommendations for government.

Environmental Net Gain: Measurement, Delivery and Application

This document summarises presentations and discussion at the CIWEM Environmental Net Gain: Measurement, Delivery and Application conference held on 30th October 2018. It also sets out the collective priorities expressed by delegates for future mainstreaming and development of BNG and wider ENG.

Protecting and Enhancing Soils

This PPS discusses why soils are so important, what threats they’re facing, past policy action and recommends changes we need to see to protect and enhance soils in future.

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