Course Overview

This module reviews the demand for potable water and the nature and characteristics of available water sources and drinking water treatment technologies. The physical, chemical and biological quality of different water sources are considered together with a detailed review of the various water treatment processes that can be applied to produce potable water from them, including screening, clarification [coagulation/flocculation], sedimentation/floatation, filtration, disinfection, adsorption, ion exchange and use of GAC/PAC and fluoridation.

Water distribution and supply is reviewed together with the safeguards that are taken to protect consumers, with an emphasis on disinfection. Maintaining good “Asset Health” has become the hub of a modern water service provider.

This module looks at current approaches to Asset Management and Maintaining Asset Integrity from a Potable Water Supply perspective. The relevant drinking, bottled and private water supply legislative and regulatory framework is also covered within the module.

It is useful for applicants to have a Chemistry or Scientific background. However, Mentor assistance would be available for those that might find the chemistry a challenge.

Course Details

  • 12th August 2024
  • 10 weeks ( 3 hours per week )
  • £676 + VAT = £811.20

Topics covered in this course:

Mains Drinking Water Supply, Regulation, Private Water Supplies, Bottled Waters and Water Safety Plans.
Water Sources, Abstraction, Water Properties and Hardness
Screening, Clarification, Sedimentation, Floatation and Filtration
Iron, Manganese and Arsenic removal. MTS, Ozonation and Ion Exchange
Chlorination and Disinfection; Cryptosporidium, Arsenic, pesticides and EDC’s
Water Distribution and Supply; Asset Management and Performance; Private Supplies and Developing Countries

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have obtained knowledge of:

  • Become familiar with the full range of technical aspects of Potable Water Treatment and Supply
  • Understand the two primary needs of a drinking water service which is to provide wholesome water and to ensure its adequacy
  • Learn about the legal, regulatory and service framework in the context of operating water supply assets, dominantly in the UK and Ireland
  • Cover all aspects of Treatment and Quality Control in detail, including new issues and innovations in the Water Sector
  • Appreciate technical matters and the quality issues involved in running the service, meeting performance targets and designing new facilities
  • Guidance on Potable Water related Asset Management Systems.

Course Delivery & Duration

Delivered via the CIWEM Learning Platform, the course is self paced e-learning with tutor support available on the course discussion forum throughout. Study at your own pace and access support when you require it. There are two live Q&A sessions incorporated into the course.

This course has a learning time equivalent to 3 hours per week for 10 weeks. You will have 15 weeks to complete the course including approximately ten weeks to read through course content and five weeks to complete their final assignment. In total delegates will have four months access to the Online Course portal. Please note this is a guideline and learning times will vary person to person.

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