Root Cause Analysis – Advanced Problem Solving 

Course Overview 

CIWEM have partnered with Sologic, global leaders in Root Cause Analysis since 2018 to deliver a web-based water and environmental sector focussed problem-solving course. This virtually delivered, instructor-led course is trusted and recommended by leading organisations throughout the world.

The complex problems we all face in our sector are certainly unique, but the best practice and methods used to solve them are universal. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a structured problem-solving method used by a diverse range of industries, from aerospace, pharmaceutical, construction & professional sport, to utilities and finance. When processes break down, behaviours fall short or products fail we need a method that will ensure that our people have the time, techniques and tools required to understand what happened, why it happened and precisely what they can do to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Across this fascinating and interactive two-day course, you will develop the skills to master an effective and scalable RCA problem solving process. The course will enable attendees to use a systematic, structured and evidence-based RCA process. You will:

  • Assemble and lead effective problem solving teams
  • Gather and manage data
  • Define a problem and its impacts clearly
  • Build accurate and powerful cause and effect charts
  • Generate and evaluate effective solutions
  • Build and share effective RCA Reports

Attendees will also receive access to Causelink, dedicated RCA Investigating and Reporting software.

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Who is this course for?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process and skill that is applicable to all career levels and disciplines, from front-line managers, to strategic planners and senior leadership teams.

However, this course will be of particular interest to professionals working in the Water and Environmental Management sectors who wish to:

                                        • Understand the RCA method
                                        • Analyse repeat problems
                                        • Investigate incidents
                                        • Investigate operating failures
                                        • Reduce risk in projects and initiatives
                                        • Lead the way in Best Practice
                                        • Improve Compliance and Regulatory Alignment
                                        • Reduce Blame
                                        • Implement RCA to Continuous Improvement programs


“The world the water sector operates in is changing rapidly. The scale, nature and complexity of new and emerging challenges will require novel and innovative responses to deliver the levels of resilience customers want and can afford now and in the long term.” Ofwat, 2017

"We didn’t so much as start thinking outside the box, with Sologic we really just started looking in the box properly for the first time." Quality Assurance Manager, Waste Management

“Once we’d adopted the Sologic RCA method we were able to make major inroads into a host of stubborn recurring problems, some of which had plagued us for years.” Systems Engineer, Regional Water Company.

Course Delivery

This course is remotely delivered over two consecutive days, via morning and afternoon sessions (0930-1630 UK Time).

Each session consists of expert instructor-led delivery, supported by feedback sessions, video content, a comprehensive training manual and online exercises.

Course Dates

Spring Course: 11 & 12 May 2021

Autumn Course: 7 & 8 September 2021


Individual: £699.00 + VAT = £838.80

Bookings of 4 or more: 15% discount

(Maximum Full Course Size: 12 delegates)

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