Water Supply and Quality Network

Network Activities

Our Water Supply and Quality (WSQ) Network provides a forum for members with relevant expertise to discuss and share knowledge on key water supply and quality issues. The Network assists CIWEM in developing policy positions, advice and briefings and in developing highly engaging events and publications. Several Network members represent CIWEM on expert forums and at conferences. The Network's Steering Group currently meets three times a year at CIWEM’s London office, and members are in frequent contact via e-mail.

Policy Positions

The Network has recently updated policy position statements on disinfection of water supplies and produced a new statement on chloramination. The policy position statement on water distribution network leakage in the UK was updated following the 2015 EU reference document ‘Good practice on leakage management’. To view policy outputs from the Network, please visit the processed water page. The Network are currently working on an update to pharmaceuticals and other organic micropollutants in water supplies.

The Network have produced an information sheet on aesthetic water quality to provide guidance to consumers if they have a concern over their water colour, taste or cloudiness. Do you have a question on water quality? Ask the panel today.

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