Urban Wellbeing 

Course Overview 

CIWEM in partnership with Urban Wellbeing Solutions, a leading consultancy promoting best practice and experiences in improving Urban Environments, are launching three exciting new courses. These courses are aimed at promoting positive environmental impact and re-imagining the relationship between the environment and wellbeing through creative urban design, and influence through leadership.

The three-course series will consist of:

Course 1: An Introduction to Urban Wellbeing as part of Environmental Sustainability

Course 2: Leadership to Influence Urban Projects for Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability

Course 3: Urban Wellbeing in Practice: How to develop Urban Projects for Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability

Delivered via the CIWEM Learning Platform, the courses are self paced e-learning with tutor support available on the course discussion forum throughout. Study at your own pace and access support when you require it.

Please note that Course 1 includes a live group discussion session and Course 2 &3 include live One-on-One sessions.

These courses will be of interest to those who are:

Working in infrastructure development: town planners, architects, etc.

Promoting Natural Capital

Looking to deliver net positive carbon schemes in all sectors

Developing approaches to promote Urban Wellbeing in your work

Wanting to initiate projects, particularly Infrastructure Clients in the Utilities and their consultancies

Wanting to promote Wellbeing in feasibility studies Option selection of projects.

Join us in fostering wellbeing through creative approaches to urban environmental solutions!

Course Outline

Course 1

  • What is Urban Wellbeing and how is it measured
  • How Urban Wellbeing supports economic growth (deprivation measures)
  • Environmental Sustainability (Natural capital)
  • How Green Space/Blue Space/Buildings improves Wellbeing, Sustainability and the Economy
  • Bringing together the concepts of Space Management for Urban Wellbeing to be evolutionary and revolutionary
  • Case studies
  • Including a live group discussion session

Course 2

  • What is Urban Wellbeing and why is it important
  • How to articulate the Value Proposition for Urban Wellbeing
  • Stakeholders in different parts of developments and their drivers
  • Mechanisms for Stakeholder Engagement for success; a project management approach
  • Differing Leadership Styles and their effect of influencing
  • How to focus time and prioritise activities
  • Case studies
  • Including a live one-on-one discussion session

Course 3

  • What is Urban Wellbeing and how is it measured
  • Different Indices currently available, the pros and cons
  • The Urban Wellbeing IndexTM
  • How to use the index to focus input to maximum benefit
  • Case studies
  • Practice scenario with review and feedback (separately)

Course Duration 

Each course has a learning time equivalent to 8 hours. Delegates will have 4 months access to the Online Course portal. Please note this is a guideline and learning times will vary person to person.


Course 1: £80.00 + VAT = £96.00 | Course 2: £175.00 + VAT = £210.00 | Course 3: £175.00 + VAT = £210.00

Introductory Offer (Course Bundles)

Course 1 + 2 : £220 + VAT = £264.00 | Course 1 + 2 + 3: £344.00 + VAT = £412.80

Please note that Register Your Interest should be made through 'My CIWEM' using the link above. Your registration is confirmed once you have clicked ‘proceed & submit’ in the cart and received a confirmation email. Non-members can register via CIWEM by creating an account on the booking page.

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