Why become a CIWEM member

Becoming a CIWEM member gives you a globally-recognised demonstration of your professionalism and technical abilities.

At CIWEM we champion highly qualified water and environmental managers, engineers and scientists who are recognised throughout the world for their professional expertise and conduct.

You can join us at any stage in your career, whether you are studying, actively looking to progress, or already extensively experienced. Our membership grades and qualifications add value and recognition to your achievements. We will actively help you to progress throughout your career and beyond.

Wherever you are in your journey, we can provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed.


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Student membership is available to any applicant who is currently enrolled in full-time or part-time study. You want to gain the most from your studies, attain the highest grades and be attractive to employers. We'll support the development of the skills and qualities required by the contemporary employment market and provide opportunities to showcase your talents.

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Apprentice membership is available to any applicant who is currently enrolled onto an apprenticeship scheme. As an ambitious and hardworking individual, you want your apprenticeship to lead to great opportunities. We'll provide you with experiences and contacts grounded in the practical delivery of real world solutions. This will enhance the speed and quality of your professional progress.

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Graduate membership is available to graduates with an honours degree (or equivalent). After years of studying you're ready to apply what you've learnt and make rapid progress. Our extensive networks, events, structured training, publications and thought leadership will accelerate your career growth and the recognition that you deserve for being an engaged and ambitious professional.

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Environmental Partner membership is open to anyone and is aimed at those who want to showcase their interest in the water and environment sector, including individuals who are new to the industry or working towards other grades of membership. If you’re new to the industry and want to get involved, build your networks and accelerate your career joining as an Environmental Partner demonstrates your commitment to the water and environment sector.

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Member (MCIWEM) is available to those with a minimum of 2 years experience and an honours degree or completion of the NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management. Membership provides formal recognition of your professional achievements and allows you to engage with people and experiences that will continue your development. We provide support to ensure your personal growth is not neglected due to the pressures of your everyday life.

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Technician membership (TechCIWEM) is available to those with practical experience in a water or environmental discipline, which may have been gained through an apprenticeship or having completed a relevant course such as the NEBOSH environmental management course. We value the work that you do and will provide you with the opportunities to grow your technical capabilities and be recognised for the contributions that you make.

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Chartership (MCIWEM C.WEM) is available to those with a sufficient amount of industry experience. There is no defined minimum amount of time over which this can be attained, but typically professionals with less than five years' experience are unlikely to have attained the necessary levels of experience. Using the experience that you have accumulated throughout your career you will need to demonstrate 14 mandatory competences.

Chartership is a globally recognised qualification with real status; an achievement you can be genuinely proud of. It makes a very clear statement about your professional identity and the nature of your expertise. It opens career opportunities and provides assurance to others of your exceptional competence.

When you become a Chartered member of CIWEM, providing you have the required qualifications and experience, you also have the opportunity to seek registration as a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist.

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Fellow (FCIWEM) is our highest grade of membership and is designed for those who have a significant level of experience in a senior role. CIWEM fellows are highly respected professionals, having reached a level of demonstrable professional excellence and achievement in the sustainable management of our environment. You will need to be able to demonstrate your career progression and leadership skills to a senior level.

The ultimate expression of your achievements and recognition that you are highly regarded by your peers. CIWEM Fellows are the ‘go to’ people and this brings opportunities on the most rewarding activities. Our Fellows inspire their peers, future generations and elevate the status of the water and environmental sector.

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Benefits of Membership

Recognition of your professional competence

Showcase your commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Develop your expertise and earning potential

Build your expertise, develop your insight and enhance your career prospects by making the most of our latest CPD opportunities.

Broaden your horizons and join the debate

Be at the forefront of the sector with access to the latest thinking, expert advice and in-depth features in our journals, magazine and our regular email newsletters.

Lead and influence

Make a positive difference to others by helping to shape the strategic direction of CIWEM whilst developing skills to support your own career journey.

Build a global professional network

Get access to a powerful and supportive network of professionals. Through our regional branches, you can connect with like-minded professionals at events near you. With our topic-specific networks, you can make valuable connections across your areas of interest.

Engage and advocate

Engage with our activities in policy, advocacy and awards to inspire future generations and inform the global public.

Additional Registrations

When you become a Chartered member of CIWEM, providing you have the required qualifications and experience, you also have the opportunity to register with three additional professional bodies. These are: the Engineering Council, the Society for the Environment and the Science Council.

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Membership help and support


We’re with you every step of your application and throughout your membership, get detailed advice on your membership application from completing your mandatory competencies and preparing for your professional review interview to supporting you with your CPD. Just call +44(0)207 8313110 or email membership@ciwem.org and someone will be delighted to help.


We have a range of guidance and support to help you throughout your application and membership:

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Mentor Platform

Career support: career stories

Member stories: meet a member

CPD Advice and Support

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Webinars

Fast Track to Chartership Workshop

Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct

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Joint membership with CIWEM and the International Water Association (IWA)

Do you want to boost your professional development and increase your presence in the water and environment sector? Find out more about becoming a joint member of CIWEM and the IWA.

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Join the Early Careers Network

Network, develop and succeed alongside over 800 early career professionals and students in the water and environment sector.

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Membership FAQs

Have a question? Find our frequently asked questions here.

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Become an assessor or interviewer

Applications to join as an assessor or interviewer are open to all active Chartered Members of CIWEM.

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